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Wicked Reads Reviews – A New Resolution by Ceri Grenelle

New Year’s Eve represents a time of promises and new beginnings, but for Lore Beyer it will always be the night her family fell apart. Seventeen years later, Lore appears to be a successful and confident woman, but on the inside her emotions and fears are wrapped up so tightly she might burst from the pressure. She made a resolution when she was a young girl to never allow herself to become anything like her father, no matter the cost.

Kieran always noticed the raven-haired beauty in his yoga class, and when his boyfriend Nolan notices her as well, Kieran decides it’s time to bring his fantasy of their threesome to life. The undertaking is harder than the men imagined, as Lore claims she is better off when in complete control of her temperament and shutting the world out. But Nolan and Kieran see an unbridled spirit just itching to be released from within her prim and proper facade. In order for their relationship to flourish Lore must make a new resolution to overcome the scars of her past and fully realize the woman she was meant to be.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Lore loved New Year’s Eve, it was her favorite holiday until that fateful night when she was a young girl. Now, seventeen years later she is still sticking to the last NYE resolution she made. Nolan and Kieran have been together for several years and are in love but also like to bring women into their relationship at times. Kieran knows Lore from yoga class, Nolan knows her from a lawsuit he helped with. Both men want her, she wants both men but doesn’t want to come between them. Can they work something out? This story was ok, it think we could have learned more about Kieran and Nolan and their back story and then maybe had more of an epilogue.

Characters: The characters were well written and believable.
Sex: Yes
Religious: No
Would I recommend to others: Yes
More than one book in the series: No
Genre: M/M/F/Romance
Would I read more by this author: Yes

Well the beginning of this story was not what I expected at all, I was taken totally by surprise.

I really enjoyed how the three main characters were brought together, all knowing each other in some way, Lore met Kieran in yoga and she met Nolan as he was her lawyer in a sexual harassment lawsuit.

I liked that none of them were the same they all had different personalities that I felt worked really well within their relationship.

Sometimes when reading ménage books it can be a bit awkward when a new person is brought into the mix. I felt it was written really well and was very easy to read.

There was a few twists and turns throughout the book that kept me turning the pages. However I think I would have enjoyed it more if we had some more Kieran and Nolan, like their back stories in more depth.

Overall I enjoyed the book and would recommend it.

This is a very sexy read, with some lovely moments of fun and friendship thrown in for good measure. I enjoyed the unfolding plot-lines nearly as much as the developing relationship. The revealing of their thoughts and fears enhanced the storyline. This author knows how to get one hot and bothered in the very best of ways.

I've always had an active imagination. An imagination that usually took form in the way of zoning out in the middle of conversations. I eventually decided it was time to share my daydreaming with the world and began to put my musings on paper. It started with Harry Potter fanfiction and grew from there.

I am currently living it up in Northern California after a big move from New York City. And by living it up I mean staying home with my cats, obsessively watching episodes of my favorite TV shows, all of which are extremely geeky, and simultaneously reading the next book on my reading list. I do all this while trying not to pig out on unhealthy snacks. As you can tell, I lead a busy life. – Author’s website bio

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of A New Resolution by Ceri Grenelle to read and review.

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