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Wicked Reads Reviews – Wildest Dreams by Sharon Maria Bidwell

CID Detective Inspectors Frederick Dick and Riley Silcox have more to worry about than how their names create merriment with other officers and suspects alike. There’s the complication that Riley is gay and very happy to be that way, while Frederick’s desire for his fellow officer causes him nothing but misery. Riley suspects Fred might be gay, but if that’s the case, he’s sure the man isn’t happy about it, and Riley doesn’t intrude where he isn’t wanted. Riley has no reason not to pursue other relationships, especially the attractive Scotsman, Calhoun. If only he knew how much Fred does want him it could be a very different story.

When they track down the supplier of REM--a new upmarket and very secretive drug that not only does strange things to those who take it but could have amazing recuperative properties--they become the victims. Is Frederick only hallucinating running wild in the woods, or like Riley will he choose to run naked, baring not only his body but also his soul, revealing why he promised to remain celibate, and why having Riley around means that isn’t working out for him, at all.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

This was an interesting read. It was extremely detailed and seemed a bit wordy. I did find myself skimming through some of the scenes. I was intrigued by the characters and that pushed me to finish. I needed to see what happened between the two MCs.

Detective Fredrick Dick and Riley Silcox partner up to find the manufacturers of a new drug, REM. Riley is an out and proud gay man. When they get a lead on where the REM is coming from they are forced to travel. Assigned to provide them with information is Office Ross Calhoun. Riley is not afraid to make the most of it when he see how hot Calhoun is. When they meet the man who they think manufacturers the drug, things change. They are unknowingly given the REM. The effects are different for each person. Will the drug help Dick be the man he longs to be?

I enjoyed slowly getting to know our two detectives, Fred and Riley and that the author gives us both points of view. We follow them as they investigate a new drug that has hit the streets and this story had quite a creepy vibe in parts.

As the book came to a conclusion I was disappointed that we didn't get to see more of Fred and Riley's ongoing relationship rather than simply being told of its existence.

Overall I enjoyed Wildest Dreams and I look forward to seeing where the author takes this series.

Sharon’s worlds are vivid, unexpected and sometimes intensely magical. Sharon writes whatever her warped mind can come up with. Although her longer works to date mostly involve a variety of wonderful men finding true love...or at least some loving, she’s quite capable of writing something darker, grittier, and even outright twisted. Her work has appeared in numerous publications both in print and electronic formats. She currently lives in a house with a few art-Deco original features and a Harry Potter cupboard under the stairs. Watch one of the films -- that's her cupboard. Sometimes she dreams of clearing it out and hiding away in there, seeking some magic and ‘sinspiration.’ – Loose Id bio

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Wildest Dreams (A Frederick Dick and Riley Silcox Mystery) by Sharon Maria Bidwell to read and review.

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