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Wicked Reads Reviews – Mastering the Marquess by Lavinia Kent

One night of fierce passion and unbound pleasure leaves two strangers craving much more in Lavinia Kent’s sumptuous novel of sensual discovery.

The time has come for the widow Louisa, Lady Brookingston, to move on, but she refuses to remarry at the cost of shaming her late husband’s memory. Their six years together were wedded bliss—even if a war injury prevented him from fulfilling his marital duties. Only one woman can help Louisa: Madame Rouge, the discreet proprietress of a club where London’s elite explore their wildest fantasies.

Geoffrey, the Marquess of Swanston, has no intention of agreeing to deflower an anonymous virgin. But when Madame Rouge tempts him with the absolute power he’ll have over a woman who knows nothing of carnal delights, he’s intrigued. Control is the one thing he cannot resist—and control is what he loses during his night with the blindfolded beauty. He longs to take her further, to leave his mark upon her perfect behind, but the mystery woman refuses to see him again. Instead Geoffrey reluctantly agrees to take a wife, the widow of his dear friend, Lord Brookingston—fating them both to a wicked surprise.

Mastering the Marquess is an erotic romance intended for mature audiences.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

3.5 stars.
I loved both the main characters, but I was off-put by about 90% of the supporting cast (w/the exception of Ruby & Geoffrey's father). I was immediately sucked into the book, unable to put it down for the first 30%, and then I found myself glancing down at the time left in the novel, seeing I was only 30%, 35%, 40%, and I felt like the book should have met its conclusion pages ago.

It was a discombobulating feeling; enjoying the story yet wondering why it was still happening.

The premise itself was scrumptious, and I ate it right up. (Go to Goodreads to view spoiler.) This is where I was frustrated and flustered with the story. I know I sound negative, but I'm not. I was rapt, completely engrossed with the story, already handing out a 5 star, but once this was dragged out beyond measure, I lost interest. The book lost its spark. The ballroom should have been that ‘climatic’ moment, as both were so obsessed, how could they not recognize the scent/sound/form, and history of the other.

It was no longer an exploration of sexuality and intimacy, but one of those books with a constant stream of miscommunication and unnecessary angst, where a simple sentence cleared up the entire problem.

When they did realize the other was Grace and Charles, it was anticlimactic, as neither really said anything about it, after hundreds of pages of an angsty premise it fell flat, and the book still wasn't concluded with the conclusion of the major plot thread.

Another flaw for me was how Louisa had no one in her life. In this era, even a widow would have to have a male guardian, as women were not allowed to conduct business. I found it odd that she had no relatives or friends in her life whatsoever.

Geoffrey was such a dominant being, that I couldn't swallow the villainess getting away with anything for 2 seconds, let alone the entire book. Same with his bratty, difficult to read sister (Whom I'm sure is a future MC, but the way she was written was without any qualities to make the reader's appetite whet). That entire plot thread made me want to skip entire scenes.

I'm a sucker for an angsty, hot read, so for the most part, this book was right up my alley. Historical Romance is a guilty pleasure of mine, whether lust-filled or innocent romance. The heat, connection, and chemistry between the H & h in the beginning of the book was one of the best I've read. But as the book dwindled on, they both lost that essential spark for me.

Do I recommend this novel? YES! To those who love Historical Romance with an erotic twist. No to those who are sticklers for the rules of that era, or for those who have issues with the entire plot hinging on miscommunication and complete and utter blindness on the MCs' part.

Will I read more from this author? Yes, I'm highly looking forward to it, as I wish to see where this series is headed.

This book absolutely had me in its thrall from the word go – but I did get confused by a twist, and never did understand why. I love the premise behind the story and absolutely loved the outcome, but in the middle I read on in the strong belief that it would be worth it – and it was. Looking forward to the next installments so that I can be reunited with the lead characters, as they were great fun. I cannot overstate how erotic and charming Part One is – fabulous.

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I live in Washington, DC with my husband, kids, two cats and a changing menagerie of other small beasts.

I worked in both the arts and in the business world before giving into my love of storytelling after the birth of my oldest -- although it wasn't until after the birth of my youngest when I suddenly had full-time childcare that it all came together for me.

I love discussing books -- almost any books at any time.

One of my great joys is having my children get old enough that we can all read the same things and talk. I am so happy that YA is the flourishing world that it is.

And of course I love Romance. I started back with Kathleen Woodiwiss and Johanna Lindsay and have never given them up since -- although there were a few slow spots along the way.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Mastering the Marquess (Bound and Determined #1) by Lavinia Kent to read and review.

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