Saturday, February 14, 2015

Corbin’s Bend – My Charming Valentine by Maggie Ryan

Patrick Portman has spent months planning just the perfect Valentine’s Day for his wife, Phoebe. She has always been the one to make sure holidays were special but it was his turn. Enlisting the help of various friends around the community of Corbin’s Bend, he prays his Valentine would enjoy the game he had planned. Phoebe’s interest was captured the moment he asked, “Want to play a game?” Learning there were prizes involved, she was even more excited, ignoring his caution there could be penalties as well. As she goes through each step in the game, its twists and turns prizes and penalties make her wonder...just what is waiting at the end.

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A Corbin’s Bend Valentine Novella
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Mary Jo☆☆☆☆
People age and so does the love they share. The bright shine of youthful love becomes refined and golden as the love grows and deepens between two lovers. Patrick and Phoebe are prime examples of that love.

As the "game" Patrick has set up for her progresses, you see the love and memories each stop brings to Phoebe and the contentment of her life.

Most stories show the youthful glow of love but this story shows the reader that true love does last.

This is a pitch perfect Valentine’s short. Through a fun Valentine's Day game, we are treated to the history of a couple who are clearly in love as much as ever. Sweet, hot and fun in a way that only a Corbin's Bend story can be!

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A Valentine’s Day Collection
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