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Totally Geeked by Becca Jackson Blog Tour

Blog Tour. Becca Jackson’s Totally Geeked.

Harrison’s love life is a parade of fun, flirty encounters thanks to every dating app you can imagine, but nothing sticks. Finally, sick of the endless cycle of Friday night hookups, he hits uninstall on the apps and challenges the universe to show him that he deserves someone better.

What he didn’t expect was the universe throwing him a curveball in the form of his best friend’s younger brother. Despite being best friends with Gordon for years, he’s never actually met his siblings and even half-joked they didn’t exist.

But there they are, at a party at Gordon’s place, and one brother, Arlo, is seriously hard to ignore. He’s nothing like Gordon. Quiet, adorable, and totally off-limits… which sucks. But when Harrison spots an opportunity to help him steady his nerves on his children’s book tour, he jumps at the chance to get to know him better, because spending time with him feels like the most right thing he’s done in forever.

The more time they spend together, the less Harrison can imagine being with anyone else. But going after what he wants means betraying his best friend. Can he find the courage to catch life’s most unexpected of pitches?


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Totally Geeked by Becca Jackson

Book 2
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When Harry Met Arlo

While Noah was a ball of energy at the outset, Arlo clutches a book against his front with his casted hand like it could somehow create a barrier between him and everything else in the world.

“I’m Harrison, but my friends call me Harry,” I say, and he turns toward me. His big gorgeous blue eyes lock on mine and my stomach does a weird spinny thing. I really should have eaten before I came.

“Hi,” he almost whispers, pulling his hand free of his brother and using it to tuck his red hair behind his ears. He really doesn’t look much like Gordon at all, not like Noah. They both have the same flame red hair, sure. But Arlo’s is long, and hangs loosely around his face like a curtain he can hide behind, it contrasts beautifully with his porcelain skin and bright blue eyes and I find myself unable to look away.



He’s giving me a half smile. One corner of his lips picked up and it’s fucking adorable as hell. No, not adorable. You can’t be thinking Gordon’s little brother is adorable. He’s off-limits. But… he is adorable. And he needs your help. Gordon would want you to help his little brother, wouldn’t he?



Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

I instantly loved Arlo. I hated how his brothers acted like he couldn't do anything on his own. Was he accident prone? Sure, but he didn't need to be watched like they did in my opinion.

Harry was a former player who wanted to find love and deleted all his dating apps. His BFF, Gordy, Arlo's brother, didn't think he'd change his player ways and, of course, warned him off both of his brothers. Brothers who no one believed were real until this book.

I loved how Harry was so kind and gentle with Arlo about his anxiety reading his book in front of others. Harry sitting in that audience with the kids just melted my heart. Every. Damn. Time. I wish we could have seen the drawings Arlo did – they sounded amazing. And the whole time I was reading the book I was thinking about this page I follow on TikTok, thesavbananas. check them out, they are hilarious!

This was a sweet, low angst (only angst was Arlo's brother not knowing about the relationship and then being told in an odd way), opposites attract book. Fast, easy, light read.

Harrison is known as the team’s playboy. He sleeps around and is never looking for anything serious and that's okay with him… until recently. He has started wanting more. A relationship and not just a hookup. When his best friend's (Gordon) brother, Arlo, shows up to a party and feels out of place, Harrison spends the evening talking to him about his book and life. Quickly the night passes and Harrison realizes what a good evening he's had. BUT nothing can happen between them. Gordon has warned Harrison to stay away from his brother and told Arlo to stay away from Harrison. Harrison doesn't try to go after Arlo, but he promises to be there for him when he has to do a reading of his book. Slowly their friendship develops into so much more.

Arlo is Gordon's shy nerdy brother. He's an author and wrote a children's book about Gordon and the rest of the Banana Ball teams. When he has to read in front of people, he's terrified but Harrison steps in to help him and calm him down. Arlo can't be nervous with Harrison sitting with the kids, grinning at him. Gordon can warn him away all he wants but Arlo falls for Harrison hard. He's the first person that sees Arlo for who he is and not how nerdy and clumsy he can be. Can they make Gordon see what they have is real?

I loved this second installment of this series. Banana Ball is amazing to watch in real life and to get a series based on it is even better. Harrison and Arlo were perfect for each other. Their chemistry was explosive and so sweet. Harrison wanted to protect Arlo but not hold him back from living like his brothers do.

I can't wait to see what's next for this team!



“So your flirting was attracting Porsche men?” Arlo asks.     “Exactly. But I need someone with substance. I need to find me a nice Buick guy.”     “My grandfather drove a Buick. It’s still in my garage.”


Author Bio

Becca Jackson. Heart, Heat and H.E.A.s.

BECCA JACKSON writes MM romance that delivers heart, heat, and happily ever afters for some totally adorkable and fabulous guys.

Becca’s books have all your favorites, small-town romances, bi-awakenings, sports, friends to lovers, and enemies to lovers too, but no matter the trope that takes your fancy, you’ll always find a happily ever after.

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When he’s out of sight I look up at the night sky and the stars glistening like the million eyes of the universe watching everything below. “If you want my input,” I say, up to the sky as if talking to the universe itself. “That is exactly the kind of guy I need.” If only he wasn’t my best friend’s brother.


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