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The Woman by the Lake by Kristen Ashley

Available Now in Ebook, Print, Audio. A Thriller Romance by New York Times Bestselling Author. Kristen Ashley.

Nadia Williams needs somewhere peaceful to sort through her grief after her mother is brutally murdered. She finds a cozy cabin at the side of a tranquil lake in the quaint town of Misted Pines in the Pacific Northwest.

The minute she arrives, she knows it’s perfect.

The very night of her arrival, however, someone—or something—is scratching at her window.

The next morning, she meets her one and only neighbor, Doc Riggs. He’s a rough, good-time guy who rubs Nadia wrong immediately. They clash, and neither of them are happy to be sharing their lake.

But soon, Nadia learns the lore around her cabin, and how the townsfolk are certain it’s haunted by the ghost of the man who was murdered there fifteen years before.

Riggs and Nadia are suddenly thrown into a tangled web of history, betrayal, grief, secrets, with only one thing certain.

Someone—or something—wants them off that lake.


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The Woman by the Lake by Kristen Ashley

Book 3
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Narrated by Lance Greenfield & Stella Bloom



He couldn’t put his finger on it until now, but even in a tight cami, faded jeans, ridiculous Birks, a sloppy sweater with sexy-as-all-fuck, messy, bedhead hair, Nadia Antonov looked like an old-time Hollywood goddess.



Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

This is the third book in the series – and Misted Pines really can't have a reputation for being a delightful, crime-free place anymore! I would definitely recommend that you read them in order as they are so good, but this mystery could be read as a standalone and then you can always go back.

I always enjoy a book where the two people that you assume are going to be the central characters have a very unfriendly first meeting! It makes one wonder how that can successfully be turned around, and that it is believable to us readers. Well, Kristen Ashley does it with great style and even reminds us of how things can change as they move forward.

When we first meet Nadia, we know that she is escaping from something, but as we learn about her past and how her life has changed, we also get that she is not helpless, nor without considerable funds or friends – but back in Chicago. She is incredibly calm and pragmatic, in part due to her grandfather and mother, but also may be due to being a primary school teacher! She is in a position of potential danger but is able to be positive about the future.

Riggs may well be her unwelcome close neighbour, but when things go awry, he is definitely the one who steps up and acknowledges that his terse behaviour is in part due to his attraction to Nadia, and his not wanting the complication. As the two work together to work out an old mystery, they also unravel the reasons behind the current criminal acts – alongside the sheriff and retired lawmen in the area.

I love the way the romance develops, the fact that Rigg's son is given the time he needs to adjust, and how the current spate of crimes ties up the mysteries from the past.

Another completely delicious read, which I read pretty much non-stop as I could not wait to find out how it all worked out! So be warned – find a space in your diary, or now you will be missing appointments in favour of turning pages!

Book three in Kristen Ashley's Misted Pines series was a good addition to the suspenseful romance we've come to expect in this town!

I promise to not reveal anything, but I will say that Nadia has dealt with some serious tragedy. Trying to deal with this, she rents a cozy, secluded, lakefront cottage. (Sounds heavenly, right?) Perfect setting to find oneself... until the noises start. Thankfully, the only other resident on the secluded lake just happens to be a hunky, mountain man!

Their interactions are comical, sweet, a little immature (at times), and just everything I like about Kristen Ashley books.

There is a mystery to uncover, which I enjoyed, but I believe the first two books were a bit more interesting. The town of Misted Pines seems like a cute, quaint place to visit but I don't think I'd settle here (based on the three books in this series)! Hopefully, at some point, the police force will get a break and maybe Harry will get his own book!



“It’s… on?” I pushed out.     “That’s all you’re gonna get, Princess. You spin the wheel with me, you let it ride.”


Author Bio

KRISTEN ASHLEY is the award-winning and New York Times bestselling author of over eighty romance novels. She’s a hybrid author, publishing titles both independently and traditionally, her books have been translated in fourteen languages and she’s sold millions of books.

Kristen, born in Gary and raised in Brownsburg, Indiana, was a fourth-generation graduate of Purdue University. Since, she has lived in Denver, the West Country of England, and she now resides in Phoenix. She worked as a charity executive for eighteen years prior to beginning her independent publishing career. She now writes full-time.

Although romance is her genre, the prevailing themes running through all of Kristen’s novels are friendship, family, and a strong sisterhood. To this end, and as a way to thank her readers for their support, Kristen has created the Rock Chick Nation, a series of programs that are designed to give back to her readers and promote a strong female community. You can learn more about Kristen and the Rock Chick Nation on her website.

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“I don’t have a stick up my ass,” I said hotly. His brows rose. “I don’t!” I declared.

Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of The Woman by the Lake (Misted Pines #3) by Kristen Ashley to read and review.

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