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There are a few things I know for sure: I’m gay, I want to do costume design for film and television, and a supportive family is what other people have. Oh… and fate’s not my biggest fan. That’s fine, though—who needs fate? I’ve got friends I love, a welcoming community, and a plan. Graduate college? Check. Build up my portfolio? Whenever I can. Impress industry pros? Done. Save the money for my dream internship? Working on it. All I’ve gotta do is stick with the plan, and that internship is mine next year.

And then Jordan Marks walks into my life, and my plan turns into a loose guideline. Suddenly I’m learning about baseball and giving away shifts at work so I can watch him play. My goals are the same, but maybe there’s room in them for the world’s sweetest athlete.


I’m pretty sure the gods of baseball don’t care if I wear a suit on game day, but Franklin U and Coach do, so when mine rips, replacing it is an urgent mission. That’s how I meet Blaise Warner and my “I guess I could be bi” musings become full-blown “I wanna learn to handle a bat” demands. Blaise is smart, talented, and has goals… and he’s more than happy to teach me a new batting style.

But as we go from casual to more, the things I never mentioned—like my dads’ connections in the entertainment industry—become heavy secrets. Plus, while our friends know we’re dating, nobody else does. That’s not fair to Blaise, but do I really want to be the latest queer college ball player?

I don’t get a chance to figure it all out before things fall apart, and now we both have to decide what our real priorities are.


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Batting Style by Louisa Masters

Book 3
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Batting Style is the third installment in the Franklin U 2 series. It can be read as a standalone, as with any book in the series. They can all be read in any order but characters from other books are mentioned and may contain small spoilers.

Jordan is on the FU baseball team and is required to wear suits pre- and post-game, and when his suit rips, he needs to call his dads to find out how to go about getting another suit. Walking into the men's store in the mall has him a little overwhelmed. When the cute attractive employee offers to help him, he learns two things – (1) He's always going to need his dads' help, and (2) he may not be as straight as he had always assumed.

Blaise is working at the men's clothing store until he can earn enough money to apply for the unpaid internship at his dream company, so he will have money to be able live. When the sexy baseball player has him breaking some "work rules," Blaise agrees to be his mentor into all things gay.

I really enjoyed this couple. Their chemistry is immediate and explosive. I love how easily Jordan went with his bi-awakening/pan-awakening, knowing he has always been an ally and loves his uncle and his husband, so it wasn't as much a surprise just an "OH" kind of moment. Blaise wants to go about his career as a costume designer on his own, without help, but all Jordan wants to do is make his life easier. While they have some early relationship bumps to handle, they learned through each other.

This was only my second book from this author but I will be going back for more!

This is a hugely enjoyable book in the Franklin U series – all written by talented authors, set in the same world – and also a delicious way to get more of a favourite author's own universe.

Blaise has graduated, but until he gets the funds together, his internship is on hold – frustrating and unfair, but that is how those who do not have networks or deep pockets have to wait to enter the workforce in costume design. Right now, he works in a menswear store and does commissions on the side. Little did he expect to meet the man who would change his world when he came in to replace his junior prom suit...

Jordan has to wear a suit for games, and his has just split. At a store for the first time on his own buying a suit, he is served by Blaise and realises that his attraction to men is a real living thing – and Blaise is the man who pushes all his buttons.

I love how these two guys navigate their own needs and plans for the future, whilst still thinking about each other – but also forget that communication is key step. I loved their friends and their genuine support, love, and closeness. In the end, they helped them both see how to make what seemed impossible, be a way to move forward and still be together.

A good addition to the series for sure, thank you, Louisa Masters.



Author Bio

Louisa Masters. Heat, Humor, Happily Ever After.

LOUISA MASTERS started reading romance much earlier than her mother thought she should. While other teenagers were sneaking out of the house, Louisa was sneaking romance novels in and working out how to read them without being discovered.

She writes funny paranormal and contemporary MM romance and loves the freedom that kooky characters give her.

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