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Because of Her by Jewel E. Ann Release Blitz

If sin weren’t pretty, it wouldn’t be so tempting. Available now in Kindle Unlimited.

“If sin weren’t pretty, it wouldn’t be so tempting.”

I was an accomplished music professor.
Happily single.
Perfectly content.

Now, I’m unemployed.
Pining for a dark, brooding guy named Jack who lives in a garage with a piano.
And I’m plotting to seduce a married man because his daughter is responsible for my nephew committing suicide.

I don’t know why teenage girls are so mean.
I don’t know why rich men cheat on their wives.
And I don’t know why Jack has serial killer vibes, even though he leaves me speechless every time he speaks.

All I know for sure is that I feel safe in a stranger’s arms and understood by someone I don’t understand.

“You should be a little scared of everyone because humans are unpredictable.”

How far will I go for revenge? More than that…
How far will he go to save me?

Reader Advisory: This book contains material involving sexual assault and suicide. Reader discretion is advised.

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Because of Her by Jewel E. Ann

Book 6
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“It’s not your job to protect me. You’re not my savior. You said it yourself; there is no we.”     “I lied,” he whispers.



Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

While Because of Her is listed as a Jack & Jill standalone, I would advise against reading it as such. For new readers, while they may not be lost or confused, they will miss out on the emotional journey, with a tinge of confusion as past events are mentioned here or there. For new readers who do finish the novel as a standalone, enjoy it, then realize they wish to start the Jack & Jill series at End of Day, the entire series plotlines will be spoiled.

Because of Her is book six in the Jack & Jill series.

While I won't be giving out a comprehensive rundown of events, I do need to warn that there are some pretty heavy triggers on the pages. Multiple suicides. Violence. On-scene sexual assault, where even when Frankie was initiating, none of it was ever consensual in my opinion.

First and foremost, I applaud a story between two mature adults in their forties and fifties. Smoking hot chemistry, tension, and revenge hijinks, as sparks fly between Jackson and Frankie.

Jackson Knight/Jude Day is the connection to the Jack & Jill series, bringing along all the important cast members, while revealing their happily ever afters for returning readers.

Frankie is a new character, paths crossing with Jackson when she is tasked with packing up her twin's home after her twin, sister-in-law, and nephew all unalived themselves within less than a year.

The beginning first few pages were confusing to me, where Frankie talks around events while at the cemetery, but I soldiered forth, only for the pages to melt away. I read the book in two sittings.

Jackson is there to surveil and end the last member from his past that is putting his family at risk. Meanwhile, Frankie discovers her nephew's grieving girlfriend may have had a hand in ending his life. The girl just so happens to be the daughter of the very man Jackson is there to end. They are both a help and a hindrance to each other's revenge pacts.

The first 40% was banterific. With a lack of morals, the petty revenge plot was hilariously entertaining for me to read. Dark yet dry humor that entertained me to no end. Not only between Jack and Frankie, but more so Frankie with Molly and both of her parents. The revenge plot was darkly entertaining. While Frankie played "Iris" with Jackson's target, I sensed there was only one direction for this storyline to go, and it was nowhere good, so I was creeped out during every single one of their interactions, especially when it painfully ended exactly where I suspected.

The last 60% wasn't nearly as fun or entertaining. It was a dark yet painful story to read, where there were small sparks of hope or humor, yet not enough to lend levity to such painful subject matter. That portion of the story was harder to read, slower, where I had to put the book down to emotionally regroup but also regain interest in continuing.

In the end, all I want to do is go back and reread the series from End of Day to re-experience the series from start to finish again.

This is officially the sixth book in the series, but in many places you will not see the fourth book, One, in the series list, so you may have that goodness to read as well as this new release!

I recently reminded myself of all this Knight & Day/Jack & Jill – what a fabulous week of reading leading up to this latest installment. This is definitely a series where I could happily enjoy new books in years to come, because the twins and their loves and lives are extraordinary, and hugely entertaining.

Jackson lost his love, focused his protective attention on their daughter, and then had to acknowledge that she had someone else who made it his life's work to do that job. He now has to make sure that ALL the people who could possibly cause problems have been removed from the world. By some rather wonderful turn of fate, he finds that someone else also has his target in her sights, but for a very different reason, and with a lot less training.

Frankie has lost her brother, his wife, and their son to suicide – and it seems that a horrible letter from the nephew's girlfriend may have been his trigger. She cannot let this go, but the girl's family are all powerful and her method of revenge may not succeed. She is currently between jobs as a music professor, so decides that she has time for her best attempt.

Whilst she stays in their home readying it for sale, she meets the very unusual tenant of their neighbour – yep, Jack – and his grand piano living in the garage. These two damaged but gorgeous people share a love of music and a fear of entanglement, but fate and chemistry ignore such issues in a truly fabulous way.

Jewel E. Ann has done such justice to the story for Jack to move forward and find his happily ever after with someone completely different and yet just as dubious as to the chance of finding happiness out of loss. I pretty much read this book in one sitting – falling asleep only once I knew everything was going to be just as I wished it to be.

Utterly engaging and heaped with memories, full of new chances and deep feelings of love, respect, and passion. A very enjoyable read, thank you.



No real name. No number. No address. I’m in love with a ghost.


Author Bio

JEWEL E. ANN is a Wall Street Journal & USA Today bestselling author with a quirky sense of humor. When she's not saving the planet one tree at a time, you can find her role modeling questionable behavior to her three boys, binge-watching Netflix with her husband, and writing mind-bending romance.

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