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Drive to Feel Alive by CD Rachels Blog Tour

Release Tour. CD Rachels’ Formula Q Book 2. Drive to Feel Alive.

Formula Q is the fastest motorsport in the world. Only the highest-performing athletes can make it to the grid. They drive fast, work hard, and play hard, but off-camera, anything goes.

The public knows me as Berto ‘Honeybear’ Navarro, the number two driver in the fastest team in FQ. I’m a simple guy, and I’m perfectly content with my life as a motorsports celebrity. The world doesn’t need to know that I don’t like sex or dating.

I’m not gay like my buddy Damon, but I’m not really straight either. It’s time to face the scary truth: I’m probably asexual.

The only sliver of hope I have is my new friend Hunter. He helps me work through my orientation issues and doesn’t judge me for feeling uneducated and naive. He’s sweet, smart, and generous with his time.

As the weeks go by, Hunter and I get closer, and suddenly intimacy is something I want to explore, but only with him. Hunter makes everything feel right. No one has ever lit a spark in my soul, but now my new best friend makes fireworks go off in my heart.

I thought winning races was the ultimate high and all I needed in life. That was before I touched Hunter—now, I crave so much more. For sex and love, I’ve finally found my green light, and I’m not slowing down.

Drive to Feel Alive is a male/male motorsports romance novel. It involves waffle dates, asexuality, video game conventions, exploring true intimacy for the first time, and yes, lots of racing action worldwide. It is book two of a series, has a HEA, and can be read as a standalone.

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Drive to Feel Alive by CD Rachels

Book 2
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It’s this exchange of desires that has my body stiffening and melting all at once. Every fiber of my skin stands on edge. All I can hear is both of our moans intertwining as we taste each other. Nothing has ever felt as good to me as Hunter.



Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

This is the second book in the series, and follows on from the original storyline. You could read it as a standalone, but we do catch up with the Damon and Rocky.

I really enjoy the setting of the world of motorsport. It was a bit confusing to read about some of the team politics and disappointing behaviour, but it probably not far from the truth. Even if Hunter has very little understanding of the sport, he is prepared to enter Berto's world to spend time with him. For Berto, Hunter has not only helped him to start the journey to understand his disinterest in most things sexual, and his lack of connection with people, but he is providing a deep friendship. Hunter is strongly attracted to Berto, but so respectful of his space and I really appreciated how the story developed in a beautifully meaningful way. A partnership and lifelong friendship can definitely be based on more than sexual chemistry.

A very engaging, sporting romance. I am looking forward to the next installment already!



Author Bio

CD Rachels. Male-Male Romance Author.

CD RACHELS has been coming up with stories since he was little. First, it was fanfiction, then YA queer novels, and now he's moved up to the big leagues of adult MM romance. In 2020 during quarantine, he burned through more male/male romance books than he ever had in the previous 29 years combined.

He believes there aren't enough BIPOC MC's in MM romance, and he's on a mission to change that. He lives in New York City with the love of his life and works in health insurance. If you're reading this, he's honored that you took the time to help support him as a self-published author.

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Before you… it’s like I wasn’t really alive. Sex makes sense now, food tastes better, and games are more fun. I don’t know how you do it, but you make life worth living.


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