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Risk by Skye Jordan

Tempers flare, as do sparks, but if Caitlyn’s best isn’t good enough, hers won’t be the only job she tanks.

New York Times bestselling author Skye Jordan returns with another adrenaline-infused story from the Renegades stunt team!

After two years sidelined from the Renegades, Duke Reid wants nothing more than the excitement of his stunt work—except for Caitlyn Winters. She's country fresh and just as naive, the kind of woman you rarely find in LA. One night to remember is all Duke needs to know she's a keeper. Unfortunately, he leaves the next day for a job in British Colombia.

When the sheltered beauty shows up on his movie set, managing damage control for the biggest prick in Hollywood, Duke sees disaster on the horizon. If anyone gets hurt on Duke's watch, he risks losing his certification, ending his career as a stunt man, the only job he knows and loves. A job that's also funding his sister's legal battle against an abusive ex for custody of Duke's nieces. He can't afford to screw up. Caitlyn is in way over her head, and her naivety could cost Duke everything.

There's no going back for Caitlyn. She burned all her bridges on the way out of her small Kentucky town for her dream job in Los Angeles, where her cousin, Lexi LaCroix, lives a fairy tale life. But Caitlyn's dream job turns into a nightmare on day one. She didn't sign up to be a celebrity fixer, but her savings and her pride says she can't quit. She's pleased to find Duke on the same movie set, until he tells her she's not qualified to handle the job. Then he becomes just one more person who underestimates her.

Tempers flare, as do sparks, but if her best isn't good enough, hers won't be the only job she tanks.

All books in the Renegades series may be read as standalone books.


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Risk by Skye Jordan

Book 8
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

This is the eighth book in the fabulous Renegade series – and what a pleasure to be back with the guys after a two-year hiatus! I think that you can read this as a standalone, but really you are missing seven great books, so do go back and enjoy!

Duke has been super busy supporting his sister and nieces through her acrimonious divorce, but he needs to work as his savings are more or less drained. The latest assignment is for a climbing expert, so he is the man, and much as he dislikes the star he is doubling for, he needs the money.

Just before he goes, he has the pleasure of attending Lexi and Jax's wedding, where he not only meets her cousin, Caitlyn, but spends the most amazing night with her. She is newly out of Kentucky, released from familial duty and a seven-year staid relationship, and discovers that her past sexual experiences were to say the least, bland. She lights up like a fire, so great is the chemistry between the two of them. But the situation is complex, and they part on a promise to meet again, but no commitments.

Of course, fate has a hand in their lives and she turns out to be the PR fixer for Leo, the very actor Duke is stunt doubling for – so they are together in Canada, but things between them are seriously complicated by Leo and his bad behaviour.

I greatly enjoyed the descriptions of the climbing adventures that Duke and the guys have. It is also fascinating how Caitlyn left behind her roots but retained her principles. It is fun to be on a film set and catch some of the crazy that goes on for people in the industry.

I did wish that we had a bit more time with the pair once they have overcome the multiple issues in the way of their happiness, but loved some of the revelations in the epilogue!

Avid Reader☆☆☆☆
M/F Romance

Caitlyn is a country girl who wanted to get out from family expectations. After being in a relationship for so long, Caitlyn knows that she doesn't want to be stuck in Kentucky. So, she picks up, tells her family that she's leaving, and heads off to sunny California. It's when Caitlyn gets here that she realizes that sometimes, leaving everything behind will give you everything and take everything too. With her parents and siblings relying on her too much and Caitlyn being taken for granted, she knows that she has made the right choice. But sometimes starting over again is hard and takes more courage than staying in one place.

Duke is a thrill seeker. However, with his sister and his nieces in trouble, Duke knows that he can help them stay safe from his sister's horrible ex. But when money becomes a necessity to fight against the evil, Duke starts up with his group of buddies once again as a stunt double.

Duke and Caitlyn start out at a wedding. They have an instant attraction. With their attraction still so new, Duke and Caitlyn don't know if they can start a relationship when Duke is supposed to be on set in Canada for several months and Caitlyn is just starting her new job in California. But when a happy or not so happy twist of fate has them in the same location for the foreseeable future, Duke and Caitlyn will have to navigate their new romance, tough clients, and a hidden boss who has made life for all involved miserable.

This is a sweet romance that defies the odds.



Author Bio

SKYE JORDAN is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of more than twenty-five novels.

She was born and raised in California and has recently been transplanted to Northern Virginia.

She left her challenging career of sonography at UCSF Medical Center to devote herself to writing full time, but still travels overseas on medical missions to teach sonography to physicians. Most recently, she traveled to Ethiopia and Haiti.

Skye and her husband are coming up on their thirty-year wedding anniversary and have two beautiful daughters. A lover of learning, Skye enjoys classes of all kinds, from knitting to forensic sculpting.  She is an avid rower and spends many wonderful hours on the Potomac.

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