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Counterfeit Lover by J.C. Farmer Blog Tour

Counterfeit Lover by J.C. Farmer

Darrin Clark is an impoverished young man, madly in love with his long-time friend Janie. He is desperate for a job, and any way to win Janie’s affections. Then a Hollywood studio promises to make him a movie star—if he will submit to a face-modifying procedure they are developing.

Darrin’s love overcomes his fear, and he allows the movie studio to alter his face. Soon his dreams come true. He is extraordinarily handsome, rich, and popular, full of the confidence he needs to earn Janie’s love. Yet, changing faces doesn’t seem enough, and the studio wants him to sacrifice more of his identity than just his appearance.

His plan to win Janie’s heart becomes complicated when she unexpectedly joins the cast and changes her face too. Now a gorgeous star, she’s pursued by prominent, powerful men, and beneath the glitz and glamour, Darrin finds himself in a world of death and deceit, where anyone can have any face.

Several of his friends are murdered by a mysterious killer who sets Janie in his sights, and the ability to alter appearances seems to make the criminal invincible. Darrin must abandon his pursuit of Janie, simply hoping to keep her alive. The only way to outsmart the ruthless villain is to risk everything. How drastic a transformation is Darrin willing to make for love?


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Counterfeit Lover by J.C. Farmer

Book 1
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

This book was a departure from my normal. The blurb intrigued me, and I had to check this out.

Darrin is your typical young man. He harbors a secret love for his best friend Janie, he is an aspiring actor, and he is just down-to-earth. Nothing special or remarkable, just a normal guy. When he is offered a role in a new movie, of course he's excited... until he learns the method his character must follow for the role. He will get no accolades, his name won't even be listed in the cast of characters, but he will get the opportunity of a lifetime to play the role of a historically famous actor from decades before Darrin's time. This studio employs a face-changing machine, and their movies aren't actors playing the roles of characters... these actors are transformed to BE the actors they are portraying.

Not only are we following Darrin and Janie's journey, but we get to meet some classic actors such as Humphrey Bogart, James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, and many others. While all of this is going on, there is also a mystery to solve. This technology has gotten into the wrong hands, and any evil that could come of it, has.

Overall this story was interesting, there are some slow moments but there was always something going on. I thought Darrin's romantic interest was going to be the main theme, and while it does occur throughout the story, I feel like it wasn't the main focus. I was invested in the characters, I was constantly trying to piece together the mystery, and I was always cheering for Darrin's success. I was pleasantly surprised by this story!



Author Bio

Jerome Connelly Farmer has had a successful career as an engineer, inventor, and technology consultant. He has three engineering degrees from Stanford and an MBA from the Anderson School. He has several patents and spent many years managing engineering teams and consulting for high-tech firms, movie studios, and Fortune 500 companies.

J.C. was born and raised in Ann Arbor, MI. He is an airplane pilot, sailor, scuba diver, and avid traveler; he has explored Tibet, camped in the Australian outback, canoed through the Amazon River, and retraced segments of Ernest Shackleton’s famous rescue in Antarctic. J.C.’s passion for wildlife photography has taken him to all seven continents, including searching for Komodo Dragons in Indonesia, wild macaws in the Peruvian jungle, endangered species in the Galapagos Islands, Duck-billed Platypus in Australia, and White Rhinoceros in Botswana.

J.C. is the author of the romantic thriller Counterfeit Lover and the children’s book Santa’s Dashboard. Writing combines his love for adventure, invention, and exploration.

When he is not traveling, J.C. lives in Solana Beach, CA.

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