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Learned Behaviors by Jayce Ellis

They’ll discover that even the most tight-knit of families can make room for one more.

Two single dads meet at the office where it’s hate at first sight in this new series from acclaimed author Jayce Ellis.

Sending his daughter off to college is the proudest day of single dad JaQuan Reynolds’ life. Everything took a back seat to raising her—including his career. He has no idea what comes next, but his newfound freedom is quickly curtailed by a crash deadline at work and the uptight, hovering presence of consultant Matthew Donaldson. He’s surly and insufferably sexy, and Jaq’s ready to check him out and write him off—right up until a work assignment forces them together.

Every day. From now until Thanksgiving.

Work and fatherhood have been Matt’s whole world for years now, ever since his marriage ended. His eldest son is getting hitched over Thanksgiving weekend, and he’s not going to let a work deadline get in the way of celebrating with his family—not this time. The hours aren’t a problem, but the executive assistant on the project might be. Jaq’s sexy voice makes Matt yearn for things he let go of a long time ago.

Lust isn’t on the schedule, and neither is longing. But as the weeks go by, Matt and Jaq are forced to reevaluate their plans… and discover that even the most tight-knit of families can make room for one more.


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Learned Behaviors by Jayce Ellis

Book 1
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Learned Behaviors is another wonderful office romance from Jayce Ellis. Jaq, a personal assistant, meets Matt when he comes to assist his boss with an upcoming product launch. There is instant attraction, but the men don’t initially get along. But the single dads find themselves meeting outside the office when they discover their college-aged daughters are friends.

I loved that this story has single dads with adult children. The men are at a different point in their lives to those in many books of this genre. As a result, the issues that arise and cause conflict and uncertainty are different and those issues were things that were easy to relate to but not always easily resolved.

I really enjoyed the connection between Jaq and Matt because it is clear when the men connect and acknowledge their attraction for the first time that what is between them is serious right from the beginning. This was one of the things that had me fully invested in their romance. Also their working lives, which involve long hours that make it hard to stop work from overtaking your entire life, was definitely something I can personally relate to. It helped that the men are hot as hell too.

Jaq and Matt’s romance was lovely and sexy and when the story ended, I wanted more. I felt like we just got to the beginning of the rest of their lives and I wanted more time with them. A solid four stars from me.



Author Bio

JAYCE ELLIS has three loves: her husband and her two turtles. Hubby loves her back. The turtles she’s not so sure about, but they do love their sports (Oakland/Bay Area teams FTW!). She still hasn’t figured out why she lives in Northern Virginia, where there’s weather, instead of her home state of California, or even Mr. Jayce’s Florida, where it’s just... pretty. Jayce spends her days breaking up happily married couples (or so she’s been told, but really, what do exes know anyway?), and her nights talking maniacally to herself. Thankfully, the recorder catches her rumblings and turns them into words on a screen. Magic! Because really, painting nails is way easier when you don’t actually have to type, and with well over 500 polishes to get through, there’s a lot of painting going on.

Notwithstanding her no-good, very bad, horrible day job, Jayce seriously believes that true love conquers all. Even Maleficent said it. Sure, she was having an epic Mean Girls moment at the time, but she was right. The only thing Jayce loves more than writing about it is hearing from readers who feel the same way. Drop her a line; she’d love to hear from you.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Learned Behaviors (Higher Education #1) by Jayce Ellis to read and review.

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