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Street of Dreams by Jenna Galicki Release Blitz

Jenna Galicki's Street of Dreams Release Blitz

One street touched a thousand lives and sent two boys in opposite directions.

For Reid Mackenzie, Street of Dreams offers hope for a better life and a chance to share his music with the world. For Jake King, it reinforces his life of crime and the ties to a city that empowers him.

They were two boys, growing up side by side in the same neighborhood, but their lives couldn’t be more different. Mac comes from a humble Scottish family and dreams of the stage and the day he has enough money to escape Chicago’s South Side. Jake knows he’ll never leave. The impoverished city, and his notorious father, have a hold on him that won’t let go.

Circumstances force them to carry on their relationship in private, until it explodes in the worst way. With the will of a warrior, Jake vows he’ll do whatever he has to in order for them to be together, no matter how brutal the consequences.

This is a story of courage, kilts, and second chances.

Street of Dreams is the fourth book in the multi-author The Road to Rocktoberfest series. Each book can be read as a standalone, but why not stay and enjoy the whole show? If you like scorching tales of hot rock stars and the men who love them, then you’ll adore the untamed musicians of Rocktoberfest!


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Street of Dreams by Jenna Galicki

Book 4
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Jake sat with his back against the headboard, smoking cigarette after cigarette, while re-runs of Friends played on the flat screen. He glanced at the time on the cable box for the fourth time, just as a knock sounded on the door. One side of his mouth drew back in a smile while he slowly brought his feet to the floor. He snubbed out his Marlboro in the ashtray on the nightstand and leisurely walked across the room. Another impatient knock on the door made him slow his stride, even though he wanted to run. He counted to three before he turned the knob. “I knew you’d come.”

Mac didn’t reply. He only stood there glaring at Jake with fire behind his eyes.

Jake knew that look so well. It was burning lust, overwrought with passion, and he allowed himself to drink in the man in front of him. How he’d missed that mane of deep red hair and those incredibly soulful eyes. They were bottomless pools of emotion. And they were boring into Jake with madness that seemed incomprehensible. They conveyed equal parts of love and rage.

Jake had always thought a hair separated love and hate, anger and passion, and that both sides of the emotions were interchangeable at times. Mac proved that theory, because seeing how his eyes shifted from hostile to deep longing and back again was like flipping a switch on and off.

Jake watched as Mac’s nostrils flared and his deep breaths blew his long hair off his chest. His hair and his upper body had grown significantly. The tight T-shirt strained across Mac’s broadened chest, and the short sleeves pinched the indent between his deltoids and biceps. Jake’s eyes dropped lower, and his knees almost buckled. Mac had worn the kilt. It wasn’t the same one he wore earlier at the show, which meant Mac had showered and changed, and deliberately worn a kilt at Jake’s request. Warmth, that hadn’t been there in a long time, filled Jake’s chest, and a crooked smile spread across his lips. “You wore the kilt.”

Mac pushed past Jake and marched into the room, tugging at the roots of his hair. He suddenly stopped and swung around, wildly. “I couldn’t stop fucking thinking about you! I can’t believe the way you get in my head!”

Jake’s smile broadened because he knew that passion lurked under all the anger. Mac wouldn’t be here if he didn’t care. There wouldn’t be fire behind his eyes, and his jaw wouldn’t be clenched. Labored breaths wouldn’t be blowing in and out of his lungs, and there wouldn’t be such vehemence behind his words. But Jake never doubted Mac’s feelings for one fucking minute. Not one fucking second. The two of them were bound together by some kind of invisible rope, that may stretch to the limits sometimes, but it would never break. Their lives couldn’t be more different, but their souls were cemented together.



Mac was his only friend. The only one who knew his truths and his weaknesses.



Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

This is the fourth book in the series, but could be read as a standalone. Although it does get us to the Rocktoberfest eventually, a lot of the story happens many years earlier.

Reid plays his songs on the Street of Dreams and has to pay protection money to Jake and his twin brothers. Which I have to say is a very unusual meet-cute indeed! But as we get to understand Jake better – Reid is a deliciously open and genuine guy, so we can get him straightaway. I loved the insight into Reid's family and how strongly it varied from Jake's. It helped to show just how dedicated Jake was to his brothers, just as Reid was to his music.

This is a gritty, intense but ultimately loving and successful romance. Enjoy!



Author Bio

Jenna Galicki. Rock Star Romances with a Kick.

JENNA GALICKI writes rock star romance in multiple genres, including mf, mmf and mm. A native New Yorker, she now resides in Southern California. She's a Rottweiler enthusiast and an avid music buff. When she's not hunched over a computer, you can find her front row at a rock concert.

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He was on stage living his dream, while Jake was still living in hell. This is a story of courage, kilts, and second chances.


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