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The Sex Coach by Garrett Leigh Blog Tour

The teacher and the student.  The stable hand and the single dad.  First times and friendship turn to love.

The teacher and the student.
The stable hand and the single dad.
First times and friendship turn to love.

There’s nothing attractive about a twenty-four year old virgin, especially not one who blushes every time a hot dude looks his way. But I can’t help the heat that ripples through me every time I see Cole Maguire. And the clench of my heart when I realise how unhappy he is. He’s a city boy with a baby on his hip—we have nothing in common—but if he can teach me how to own my sexuality, perhaps I can teach him he’s worth loving.

I don’t like horses. But I love my daughter, and there’s nothing I won’t do for her, including leaving the city for life on a farm. I’m ready for that, but I’m not ready for blushing stable hands who make my heart race and my blood run hot. Toby has no idea how beautiful he is. I can teach him that, if he can handle the heat, but after one night with him… damn.

Maybe it’s me that has a lot to learn.

The Sex Coach is an MM summer romance with first times, a virgin stable hand, a single dad pilates teacher, and guaranteed happy ending.


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The Sex Coach by Garrett Leigh

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

This is definitely readable as a standalone – but it could also be described as Skins book 4, and if you have read the previous books in the series, then this will be a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with the guys at the farm. I am a huge fan of this series and was so happy to be back in their world. Garrett Leigh has created a community of friends who are both insistent in their level of care for each other, but also emotionally intelligent enough to step back and allow people their own space. I am very fond of them all!

Cole arrives on the farm from London, relocating due to the mother of his child doing the same. He has a troubled past, in that he trained as a paramedic but could not deal with the pain he saw every day. He has restructured his life around giving care in a more holistic and less stressful environment, and now will offer classes alongside (and instead of) Angelo. I love the description of him taking off his shoes and feeling grounded by the grass that he stands on. He is an interesting character as very much a townie, and yet so happy in the countryside, if a little overwhelmed by its vastness. He is feeling so fragile that he must just concentrate on his baby daughter.

Toby had a very tough father and has been happy living and working on the farm since he could leave school. He is incredibly innocent in many ways, and yet clearly has an old soul. I love the juxtaposition of him and Cole. One who has seen everything and highly educated, with wealthy parents, and the other knowing intimately how to keep a horse farm running, but nothing much about the ways of the world. I was totally entranced in their slowly growing friendship and loved watching their arrangement become their reality.

Thank you for taking us back to Joe's farm and immersing us in the familiar and the friendly. The family feelings are so strong and so precious, it was an absolute pleasure to be amongst them again.

The Sex Coach is listed as a standalone. However, the cast of characters are each featured in other novels by Garrett Leigh. I hadn't read those other books, but I found no confusion in understanding how everyone was connected. Nor did I feel it would ruin the experience for me should I go back and read them in the future. Smooth and organic, with just the right amount of information to not feel as if I was missing anything from the past, while also intriguing me to read more from this cast of characters.

There is something sweet and innocent about Toby as to why his found family still calls him a boy, despite his age and size. He's responsible and capable, but the deep-seated goodness makes him feel younger than his age, more innocent and soft than his hard past. The gentle-hearted stable hand and all around jack of all trades.

Then there is Cole, who acts ancient compared to his age. Hard compared to his lithe physical shape and spiritual occupation. He's struggled with mental illness, and now he's a single father to a baby created from a one-night stand. Stressed and overwhelmed, Cole moves from London to stay with friends, needing a slower paced lifestyle. The cynical and hardened yoga instructor.

There wasn't an age-gap, yet their personalities made it feel as if there was. Those opposites attract personalities brought out the best in each other, a good balance to find a slice of happiness. Both leery at first, Toby's shyness and Cole's apprehension, which quickly dissolved as the lust became too much to ignore in such close quarters.

Low on angst, not a ton of drama or conflict. Everyday realities brought into a heartwarming romance between two men who didn't feel as if they deserved love. Toby felt no one would ever want him, shy and inexperienced. While Cole felt as if everyone he tried to date would see his daughter as baggage.

No doubt, past readers will be giddy to catch up with their favorites from past books. Their page-time was much more involved than a mere cameo, as they helped bring Toby and Cole together and create a larger extended family of sorts.

Highly recommend to fans of the author and MM Romance. I look forward to reading whatever is released next, as well as checking out some of the books connected to this story.

This is such a sexy read! Something about the combination of Toby’s eager innocence and Cole’s intense brooding makes for explosive chemistry and some pretty hot scenes.

This story isn’t quite as intense as some of the previous books in the series but as with all of Garrett Leigh’s men are complicated and just a little bit broken when we first meet them. Cole is a bewildered single father trying to make sense of his new life. Toby is still processing the difficult relationship he had with his own father. Toby is desperate to explore his sexuality but both men are scared of relationships and commitment. It’s messy and ugly at times but the connection that builds between these two is very satisfying.

I love the Skins books set on Joe’s farm and this one definitely makes the most of the beautiful Cornish setting. Toby is very much like Joe in many ways and I love his passion for horses and surfing. This book brings all of the previous couples from this series back together and I loved the little catch-ups with familiar characters. Harry and Joe feature more than the others in this book and I love the little glimpses we get of their happily ever after.

3.5 stars

I read this as a standalone but found out after the fact it is interconnected to other books dealing with the side characters in The Sex Coach. I had no issues and didn't feel as though I was missing any information.

Toby has an innocence about him that makes him appear younger than his twenty-four years. He's lived on the farm since he was a teenager and his father sent him there to learn how to be a man. He has had girlfriends in the past but has always been attracted to men. He's jealous of the men on the ranch who are all coupled up, he wants that in his life but is afraid to go after it. That is, until Cole arrives.

Cole leaves the city to move to the farm to be closer to his infant daughter. When he first meets Toby, he sees how beautiful he is. He also sees how innocent Toby is. Cole isn't ready to start a relationship but something about Toby just calls to Cole. To get around the label of a hookup or a relationship, Cole offers to be Toby's coach, Sex Coach, and help Toby explore all the things he wants to with a man.

The Sex Coach was a sweet read but it just felt stalled for me. There were so many moments that both main characters could have just told the other how they were feeling instead of it being a drawn out process. I, at times, did find myself bored but I liked the characters and wanted to see if they got the happily ever after they deserved.

Based on the blurb and the title, I went into this book with preconceived ideas about what it would be like. I was expecting a light story with lots of hot sex, but it wasn’t really like that at all. It really is just a nice m/m romance and probably more serious than I was expecting.

This story is dual point of view and Toby was the character that drew me in. I was interested in his life and how he got to the age of twenty-four with so little sexual experience. I also admired his hard work and honesty and I enjoyed watching him work around the farm. I found Cole less interesting and early on I felt like we only got to know tiny bits of him. Then when we did get to know a little bit more about Cole some of the things we learned were not really explained or explored and they felt like they’d been thrown in with little thought.

What I did like about this story was the way that Toby and Cole fit together and helped each other. Right from the beginning, what was going on never felt like it was just about sex and actually in the end, I was less interested in what they were doing in the bedroom and more interested in their relationship. I also loved the feeling of the farm life and camaraderie and the men looking out for each other. Overall, The Sex Coach was a good story and I’d give it 3 stars.



Author Bio

Garrett Leigh is an award-winning British writer and book designer.

Garrett's debut novel, Slide, won Best Bisexual Debut at the 2014 Rainbow Book Awards, and her polyamorous novel, Misfits was a finalist in the 2016 LAMBDA awards.

When not writing, Garrett can generally be found procrastinating on Twitter, cooking up a storm, or sitting on her behind doing as little as possible, all the while shouting at her menagerie of children and animals and attempting to tame her unruly and wonderful FOX.

Garrett is also an award winning cover artist, taking the silver medal at the Benjamin Franklin Book Awards in 2016. She designs for various publishing houses and independent authors at
Black Jazz Design, and co-owns the specialist stock site M O O N Stock Photography with renowned LGBTQA+ photographer Dan Burgess.

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