Friday, October 9, 2020

Worth It by Chloe B. Young

Worth It by Chloe B. Young

The price of love could be too high to pay.

Elliott Meyer is a dedicated student... and a part-time sex worker. College is expensive, and after his mother’s death left his family struggling, he’s desperate to avoid drowning in debt. Problem is, he just lost his only client. Time to hit the clubs and find a new benefactor before bills start piling up.

Enter Aiden Kent: rich, handsome... and the nephew of Elliott’s former client. Rather than letting this drive a wedge between them, Aiden offers Elliott an opportunity. Aiden’s stressed out and has no time for a relationship. He’s eager to hire Elliott to provide all the benefits of a boyfriend with none of the responsibility. And they both swear it’s only a little weird.

But when their business arrangement starts to become a full-on relationship, things get complicated. Elliott won’t accept money from a romantic partner, and Aiden won’t continue their relationship if Elliott’s sleeping with other clients. With his future on the line, Elliott’s left with a terrible decision: risk his bright academic future, or lose Aiden forever.


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Worth It by Chloe B. Young

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Elliott agrees to a contract of sorts with rich, handsome lawyer Aiden but finds that unlike his previous benefactor, Aiden doesn’t want just sex and a date for parties, Aiden wants boyfriend. Aiden wants someone to cuddle on the couch with and watch TV, someone to hang with, and some naked time too. I have to be honest and say I expected this story to have way more sex than it did given that it is the story of a college student who is a sex worker. And it does have some really hot scenes, but they are interspersed among a story that is actually a sweet romance.

I really enjoyed spending time with these guys just doing normal everyday things, going on dates, and having fun. I think they were good for each other and I felt like in a way, they were helping each see what they want in life. Because of that, it was also easy to forget that Aiden is paying for Elliott’s company. Now we’ve all watched Pretty Woman, we know this is going to be a problem, so this romance also has some angst, and I did shed a few tears.

Worth It is well worth reading. For me, it was a pleasure to see these two men fall in love and it had an ending that left me happy and smiling. Four stars from me.

Author Bio

Writing is just one of the many ways CHLOE B. YOUNG gets her storytelling fix. In her other life, she sings and acts to fulfill the urge, and is never far from a stage.

When not writing, she cooks with too much garlic, sharpens her eyeliner to a deadly point, and tries to accept that she’s turning into one of those people who only wears one colour. (Pink.)

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