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Risking the Shot by Amy Aislin Instagram Tour

A Stick Side Novel. Risking the Shot by Amy Aislin

Time for distractions? Hardly.

A chance at making the playoffs? It’s a dream for NHL forward Taylor Cunningham that just might come true. If he can keep his eyes on the ball—ahem, puck. And study for midterms. Dakota Cotton, eleven years his senior, isn’t just a distraction, though—he’s everything Tay’s ever wanted.

Dakota has no interest in introducing someone who might not stick around to his four-year-old son. Been there, done that, with the divorce to prove it. But there’s something about Tay that hits all of the right buttons and has him wanting to take a chance.

As things heat up between them, and the pressure to succeed hits an all-time high, will they risk a shot at happiness or choke?

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Risking the Shot by Amy Aislin

Book 4
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

This is the fourth book in the series, and I would recommend that you read them in order, as they are all really good. You could, however, enjoy this as a standalone too.

Tay is 23, enjoying his success in the NHL, and studying a four-year Para-medicine degree. He has a couple of much older sisters who are successful and feels obliged to do the studying, even though it is really not what he wants to do. He loves his family, but has always felt left out, and the unsuccessful baby of the family. Part of this story looks at just how much he needs to break out of this mindset – and I think it does a really good job of making him think about how to move forward.

Dakota works for a charity because it enables him to be a good, single dad. He would love to run a bakery with his best friend, but right now this is the best for his family. He is very reluctant to enter the dating game, as his ex-wife left due to not wanting to be a mum, and he cannot risk his son, Andy, being hurt again. So his unexpected attraction to Tay is not only a problem because Tay is not out, but also because it breaks his rules.

As the men get to know each other better, and Tay clearly is prepared to be involved in family times as well as being interested in Dakota as a partner. Timing may be bad, but there is definitely something worth fighting for between these two. I loved seeing the compromises they were prepared to make, as they acknowledged how important their growing friendship and family times were. The 3d puzzle time between Andy and Tay was really cute.

Another good addition to this very readable series. Thank you, Amy Aislin, I am looking forward to the next one already!

The first scene between Tay and Dakota showed the couple had great chemistry and it was steaming hot without there being even so much as a kiss. From there, I expected this book to be one with lots of sexy scenes but that wasn’t really where the story went. The scenes where Tay and Dakota get to know each other are hot and fun but it is also about two guys getting to know each other and learning about each other's lives and I quite like the normalcy of it.

This is a hockey romance and while that is part of Tay’s life and this story, it isn’t everything. It really is only one part of Tay’s life. This guy has so much on his plate. His career, he is studying to be paramedic, he is creating a comic, he has family commitments, and now he has added romance with Dakota to his life. I really connected with Tay as he struggled with his competing priorities, probably because I experience similar issues in my life. I liked seeing Tay work out what was important and where his priorities really lie. Dakota is an essential part of that and not just because of their romance but because he helps Tay see things differently. Dakota is really good for Tay.

I really enjoyed Risking the Shot. It was easy to read and it combined fun, light elements with the responsibilities of life to make a good story. A note – make sure you read all of the epilogue because the article at the end is fantastic and a unique way to finish the story.





Author Bio

Amy's lived with her head in the clouds since she first picked up a book as a child, and being fluent in two languages means she's read a lot of books! She first picked up a pen on a rainy day in fourth grade when her class had to stay inside for recess. Tales of treasure hunts with her classmates eventually morphed into love stories between men, and she's been writing ever since. She writes evenings and weekends—or whenever she isn't at her full-time day job saving the planet at Canada's largest environmental non-profit.

An unapologetic introvert, Amy reads too much and socializes too little, with no regrets. She loves connecting with readers. Join her Facebook Group to stay up-to-date on upcoming releases and for access to early teasers, find her on Instagram and Twitter, or sign up for her infrequent newsletter

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