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When Are You? by Addison Albright Blog Tour

They have to find him... but how?

A former member of an elite military special forces unit, Leo Bailey can handle anything life throws at him. Except maybe approaching a certain gorgeous, purple mohawk-wearing, heavily pierced artist. Not without his three eye-rolling wingmen along to push him in the right direction.

One look at the mouthwateringly muscled, military buzzcut-sporting man with the endearing blush, and Vincent Noland is in love. Or at least in lust. Love comes later. Then marriage... and sweet, adorable Oscar.

Life is perfect – the stuff of fairy tale happily ever afters – except for Arthur Fletcher, whose unsettling reactions to them threaten to upset the happy balance of their lives. But it isn’t Arthur who throws their lives into turmoil.

A freak event causes Oscar to go missing and leaves both men frantic to rescue their son. As they piece together the clues, they discover that Oscar isn’t somewhere. He’s somewhen. And Arthur Fletcher holds the key – or rather the glass beads – to their one chance of finding Oscar.

Will Leo’s training, Vinnie’s determination, and Arthur’s knowledge help them find Oscar, or is the little boy doomed to spend the rest of his life at the mercy of a primitive civilization? Could there be a third possibility?

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They reached the quivering wall of air and rushed through it to the sound of the old woman on the bench screaming as their shoes found purchase on the park’s pervious rubber pathway, and they surged forward… then tumbled headlong onto the surface as the counterweight they’d been pulling vanished.

Leo grunted as his forearms scraped along the path. He stared uncomprehendingly at the stroller’s handlebar, still clutched in one hand. The handlebar and about six inches of pole on either side ending with a clean cut.

Leo gaped, unblinking and breathing heavily, at the path behind them. The wavering air… it was gone. The air was normal.

The woman hadn’t stopped screaming. Vinnie was panting— hyperventilating? —and snatching at bits of light green fabric that matched the stroller’s canopy.

“Oscar?” Leo’s voice came out in a squeak. Louder, he repeated, “Oscar?” He sat up and scanned the area. An unrelenting hand clutched his heart. Squeezed it. Squelched it. Liquified it. Oscar was gone. The entire stroller, other than the handlebar, was… gone.

Leo shoved his sunglasses to the top of his head. His breath caught in his throat, and he looked around again. He shouted, “Oscar!”

“No, no, no, no…” Vinnie chanted as he stumbled to his feet and spun around, fruitlessly looking everywhere… anywhere. He snatched another bit of green fabric floating on the air. “No, no, no, no… this isn’t happening.”

“Oscar!” Leo yelled again. His stomach lurched, threatening to heave because their actions were pointless. Wherever they’d been, that’s where Oscar still was. The portal had snapped shut, cutting them off, but every cell in Leo’s body screamed in denial of this reality. “Oscaaaaar!”

The woman stopped shrieking but sucked in rattling breaths behind her hands that now covered her face. Behind them on the path, voices broke through Leo’s focus.

“Oh, my God, did you see that?”

“What the hell just happened?”

“They just disappeared… into… thin air.”

“What happened to the kid?”

“Somebody call 9-1-1!”

In the field, the people who’d been kicking soccer balls had stilled and were staring, wide-eyed. Vinnie crumpled to the ground, hugged his knees to his chest, bits of green fabric clutched in his hands, and rocked. Leo barely heard Vinnie’s words as they tore his heart in two. “No, no, no, no…”

Leo doubled over and retched. He’d failed Oscar. He’d failed Vinnie. He’d failed. Utterly and completely failed.

He hadn’t cried since middle school, but a garbled sob escaped him now. He dragged a forearm across his mouth and turned back toward where the wavy air had been. “Oscaaaaar!”

“Where did it go?” Vinnie choked on a rattling sob of his own. “Where did it go? We’ve got to go back and get him! Where did it go?”

Leo lifted his face to the sky. “Oscaaaaar!”

The faintest of echoes was the only answer to Leo’s agonized plea.

Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

While I’m not a big fan of time travel romances, the majority (and possibly all) of my exposure has been in the M/F romance genre. That said, I am a big fan of Addison Albright’s writing and thought I’d take a chance and dip my toes into M/M time travel romances. While I wasn’t sure what to expect, I am beyond pleased that I decided to give When Are You? a go.

Albright is one of those authors who writes time jumps well and that skill paid off in Leo, Vinnie, and Oscar’s story. The book begins with Leo and Vinnie’s meet-cute, which was so grin-inducing that my face is still sore. Readers are then treated to some of the more significant moments in Leo’s and Vinnie’s – and eventually, Oscar’s – lives. For me, this allowed me to fall in love with and to connect with the characters and care about them in such a way that when Oscar disappeared, I felt Leo and Vinnie’s confusion, horror, devastation, and grief, as well as their determination to get their son back.

Could this story have been longer? Yes, I’m sure Albright could have added more scenes showing how Leo and Vinnie’s relationship developed, the early years of their marriage, them deciding to become parents, and Oscar’s entry into their family. There was plenty for the author to expand upon and turn this into a much-longer book, but the romance between Leo and Vinnie, while pivotal, was not the driving force of the story – at least not to me it wasn’t. I felt the real focus of When Are You? was the length to which two fathers would go to insure their son grow up happy and to keep their family intact. I’m trying very hard not to give out details about the actual story as I feel potential readers should be able to experience Leo and Vinnie’s journey for themselves.

On a final note, I’ll be forthcoming and say I didn’t expect to give this story five stars, largely because I didn’t expect that I would want to re-read it after I knew how their time travel played out, assuming the element of surprise would be gone. However, I’m dying to read it again already to see what clues I may have missed on the first read through, hence the five well-earned stars. Not only did Albright keep me guessing, keep me entertained, and made me a bit weepy eyed, but she also left me wanting to check out more m/m time travel romances.

Addison Albright is a writer living in the middle of the USA. Her stories are gay (sometimes erotic) romance in contemporary, fantasy, and paranormal genres. Her education includes a BS in Education with a major in mathematics and a minor in chemistry. Addison loves spending time with her family, reading, popcorn, boating, french fries, “open window weather,” cats, math, and anything chocolate. She loves to read pretty much anything and everything, anytime and anywhere.

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