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Venom in the Veins by Jennifer Estep

Blood might be thicker than water, but venom is stronger than just about anything…

It was supposed to be a nice, quiet, simple dinner with friends—but nothing is ever nice, quiet, or simple when you’re Gin Blanco, the Spider, notorious assassin and current queen of the Ashland underworld.

This time around, someone seems to be targeting Stuart Mosley, the president of First Trust bank. Lots of people have grudges against Mosley, but the more I investigate, the more Mosley’s problems seem to be connected to some of my own, especially when it comes to the Circle, the evil, shadowy group that is secretly responsible for much of the crime and corruption in Ashland.

But when another blast from my dark and deadly past as the Spider comes to light, I wonder if I’ll be able to survive this dangerous new enemy, who has a burning thirst for revenge that will only be satisfied with one thing: my death.

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Book 17
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Spoiler-Free Review

Our Spider assassin and Queen of Ashland's underworld, Venom in the Veins is the 17th installment of the Elemental Assassin. It would be insanity to attempt to jump into the series with this novel. Most certainly not a standalone. If you're new to Jennifer Estep, I highly recommend starting at the beginning with Spider's Bite, because it's Urban Fantasy at its finest. I've been hankering to read the first few books again, since it's been a good decade.

In this installment, Gin's bud is being targeted – the president of the bank, Stuart Mosley – and it's up to Gin and company to figure out the what, why, where, how, and who, and eradicate the threat, with a new villain on the scene.

In classic Gin Blanco fashion, with excitement, adventure, and sarcastic, witty repartee, she and her ragtag gang follow the clues, have some minor mishaps and setbacks, get kidnapped and tortured, but eventually come out on top with the use of otherworldly abilities.

There's a sense of comforting homecoming, trusting Estep to deliver the same feel book after book, as it's pure entertainment to read this series. The side cast is enriched enough that they themselves could carry the story, which also makes me hopeful that someday I will experience their voices.

Gin evokes emotions within the reader, her tragic backstory resonating. But in Venom in the Veins, she's forced to acknowledge that she's caused others the same pain. This orphan has created orphans in others, whether their parent deserved it is of little consequence. Gin has to come to terms with the consequences that she has caused similar pain. This is how even an urban fantasy series can feel realistic and so very human.

Without going in-depth into the plot, as I want to remain spoiler-free, this is where formulaic writing is not a negative. If you're looking for the same vibe from the previous books, where you're entertained, seeking certain emotions and excitement, Jennifer Estep delivers.

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JENNIFER ESTEP is a New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling author, prowling the streets of her imagination in search of her next fantasy idea.

She is the author of the following series:
The Elemental Assassin Series
The Crown of Shards Series
The Mythos Academy Spinoff Series
The Mythos Academy Series
The Bigtime Series
The Black Blade Series

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