Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Get Up by Reece Pine

Recently dumped (again) for being cold, Guy gladly accepts his publisher friend’s request to go to a remote hut in wintry Nunavut to find out whether aspiring novelist Cam Campbell is a plagiarist. By agreeing also to help the eccentric ecologist survey wildlife for a month, Guy buys time to assess Cam’s innocence and hear stories about Cam’s late father–Guy’s favorite fantasy writer and the man whose book Cam is accused of stealing.

Guy’s investigation is soon biased by his attraction to Cam and the growing concern about Cam’s odd behavior. At times, Cam dissociates and is icier than Guy could ever be, yet he’s the only one who’s ever recognized, at a glance, the emotions burning beneath Guy’s surface. Guy knows he’s the best person to help Cam abandon the dangerous wilds outside and address those in Cam’s head, but he also knows that he’ll lose the chance if he comes clean about his ulterior motives for getting close to Cam. How can he convince Cam to come in from the cold… and why are they both really out there anyway?

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Part psychological thriller and part romance, this story of a secretive novelist and the man his publisher sends all the way to Nunavut to find him is full of surprising twists.

Neither Guy nor Cam is quite what he first appears. Guy is immediately attracted to the beautiful young author but finds himself wary of Cam’s unconventional and unpredictable behaviour. Cam is wary of publishers and guards himself carefully against Guy from the start.

At times, the relationship that builds between Guy and Cam feels more like a strategy game than a friendship, romance, or professional relationship. Both men keep secrets and Guy’s objective is to untangle Cam’s secrets. As Guy pulls at the threads of Cam’s life, he exposes dark secrets.

I’m conflicted about this book. I like the suspense element of the book and the departure from most traditional romance tropes, but I feel like the story needed more of a clear structure and more careful editing to make the suspense sharper and to make parts of Cam and Guy’s backstories more clear. I read an ARC and I’m assuming that the many copy editing issues will be resolved before publication – but they did throw me off at times. I didn’t connect emotionally to either Cam or Guy at the start and it was only at the very end of the story that Cam and Guy started to feel real to me. Ultimately, the story felt like a rough draft with the potential to be a great read and I would have liked to have read a more polished finished product.

Reece is a human pinball who’s moved a lot. By day she translates, and off-the-clock she enjoys genre-jumping when writing and reading, and seeing diverse characters appear everywhere, as in real life. Although she’s a big fan of twists and drama, good representation of genders, sexualities, and disabilities remains as important to her as ensuring all of her stories end well, because we all deserve a happy ending.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Get Up by Reece Pine to read and review.

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