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Ball Buster by Kara Sheridan

In Kara Sheridan's sexy new series, these hard-hitting pro footballers don't play by the book.

Playbook Rule #1: Never ever give up

It's official. The Alabama Warriors have the worst reputation in pro football. As the team's captain, Carson Savage has his ass on the line and – thanks to a leaked photo – his ass is also online. Now the team is getting an image makeover from Sadie Reynolds, the hottest redhead in the South and Carson's high school sweetheart. Maybe making a play for his sexy ex is a risky move... but Carson didn't make it this far by playing it safe.

Alabama is the last place in the world Sadie wants to be. Going home again only reminds her of what – and who – she gave up. Seeing the insanely hot ex she never quite forgot is dangerous. Carson's too sexy. Too tempting. And Sadie can't afford to go out of bounds. So she'll do whatever it takes to finish this job and leave town with her heart still intact. The only problem? Carson's decided it's not about winning the game... it's about winning the girl.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Mary Jo☆☆☆☆
3 1/2 stars rounded up to 4 stars

The last thing Sadie wants to do is go home to Alabama and face her past. She's done an excellent job the last few years of staying far, far away. When she broke up with the hometown hero, she was basically run out of town on a rail and she hasn't looked back since. She knew what would happen if she stayed or stayed with Carson. Her dreams would have taken a backseat to his, after all, football is king, and he played as though the ball was custom made for his hand. Now she has no choice. She's getting paid mega bucks to go back there and solve the Warriors’ image problems. If she could only say no.

Carson has no idea of how Sadie was treated after they broke up. He drowned his sorrows in a bottle until it was time to leave for college and he did his best to make football his priority. He's always loved Sadie and doesn't understand why Sadie hates Alabama. When he realizes how his hometown treated her after the breakup, even he thinks love won't conquer all.

I enjoyed this book and how both Carson and Sadie had to face some harsh truths and face reality about how life really is and what is truly important.

This is a sweet and gritty second chance romance that I really enjoyed.

Carson Savage plays for the Alabama Warriors, a football team that currently has a terrible reputation, and when exposing photos of him are leaked to the public, he’s put on warning that his career could be on the line. Sadie works for the company that has been hired to “rebrand” the Warriors and her boss forces her into the assignment with their team even though Alabama is the last place on earth Sadie wants to return to. Especially knowing that she’ll be working with Carson, her first love and the boy whose heart she broke. When the two see each other again, the sparks are still there but Carson holds anger for Sadie leaving the way she did, but on the same note, he’s ready to pick right back up where things left off with them.

I loved Sadie’s take-no-crap attitude, she’s fierce, determined, and passionate and it made her character very loveable. The heat between Carson and Sadie is off the charts – this book has a fast pace, awesome characters, and a great storyline. I loved it!

3.5 stars rounded up because Carson really didn't deserve to be in the naughty class!

This is the start of a new series, which promises to give us plenty of sexy sports romances in the future. A team full of football players who use social media to prove their foolhardy behaviour is indeed rife. The NFL is fed up and the Alabama Warriors’ owner employs a PR company to sort out his team before they get in any more trouble.

Sadie has a past in Alabama but promised she would never go back – after all, there is no love lost for her in her nearby hometown, after she broke her high school boyfriend's heart. Now her boss has sent her to sort out the PR for the Warriors... where that one-time boyfriend plays...

Whilst her behaviour all those years ago hurt both her and Carson, it turns out that she was vilified then, and as they get a second chance, the problems start again. But this time Carson knows and is convinced that they will get the future he always wanted. His determination and the care that he displays to Sadie remind her of all the good things they once had. She has never stopped loving him, the problem is that she does not want to lose her independence. It is very sweet and romantic as they rediscover each other emotionally and physically.

Sadie's plans for the team work wonders, yet the guys are still a handful. I am guessing that some of them will get their chance at romance in future books.

Kara Sheridan was raised in Corpus Christi, Texas. She spent her childhood reading, writing, and playing soccer. After meeting her husband in New England, they moved to Alaska where she studied environmental science. Kara then spent nearly a decade working as an environmental scientist, specializing in soil and water contamination and environmental assessments. Kara still lives in Anchorage, Alaska and spends her days writing evocative contemporary and historical romance. When she’s not reading, writing, or editing, she enjoys time with her husband, pets, and friends.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Ball Buster (The Playbook #1) by Kara Sheridan to read and review.

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