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Blind Trust by Lynda Aicher

What’s your pleasure?

From Lynda Aicher, author of the bestselling Wicked Play books, comes an exclusive invitation to the Boardroom—where working late has its rewards.

A blindfold. Four men intent on only her pleasure. Knowing she’s being watched. It’s her ultimate erotic fantasy—and it’s really happening.

Brighton Wakeford has played by the rules her entire life. From her country-club upbringing to her job as a paralegal, she’s the image of propriety and class. And she’s tired of it.

An invitation to the Boardroom is Brighton’s chance to transform. Here she’s Brie—free to explore her wildest cravings, her most scandalous desires.

As the lawyer for the exclusive Boardroom club, Ryan Burns knows confidentiality is vital. As a member, he gets off on the controlled ecstasy, the exhilarating balance of trust and power. So when he recognizes a beautiful, blindfolded and very willing new participant as a coworker, he knows he should back off. Brighton Wakeford is business. The Boardroom is about pleasure.

But the rules are about to change.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

I'm really enjoying the whole idea of the Boardroom series! I loved the first book and felt confident in taking the plunge into the series. While I found Brie and Ryan not quite as interesting as the first couple, they sure knew how to steam up the Boardroom windows!

Brighton is a paralegal and was raised uptight and proper. Ryan is a made-his-own-way successful lawyer with a horrible childhood. During a blindfolded Boardroom encounter, Ryan becomes enchanted with the woman who is the main attraction. Brie, almost calling off the whole encounter, finds solace in the man who makes her feel safe, even not knowing who that man is. As it turns out, they work together, and Brie finds that Ryan is one of her superiors. The two end up on a work project together and find they are drawn to each other even out of the Boardroom. Ryan has an interesting past, he's guarded himself off of love, a workaholic with no need of messy relationships. Brie is from a very formal family and her mother's constant interfering in her love life is tiresome. Brie longs to break loose and be naughty, so the Boardroom is perfect for her because it's anonymous, well, until it's not.

We have some of the same issues as book #1, where these people work with each other and find working in the same office while playing in the same Boardroom scenes can become quite messy. It's a great premise for a series and I'm up for book #3!

This is the second book in the series, and there is no doubt they keep the thermometer on high! If you have read the first book, you will know the set up – if not, then I would recommend the first to you, but even as a standalone this is a good read. Anonymity and fun in a boardroom somewhere in town, but the world at that level is small, and so it is little surprise that attraction can lead further!

As Brighton is blindfolded, she does not know who is bringing her the pleasure she craves, but Ryan recognises her, but is too drawn to play to be sensible and not touch his co-worker. He has a messy past and no desire to combine passion with romance... yeah, well, we all know that Ms. Aicher has plans for her leading man, and we get to enjoy both him and Brie loosen up and both choose to give their pleasure and their love to each other. Of course, the path is not exactly smooth, but it makes for fun reading.

I am looking forward to seeing who else is going to find out just what playing in the Boardroom can lead to...

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Lynda Aicher has always loved to read. After years of weekly travel implementing computer software into global companies, she ended her nomadic lifestyle to raise her two children. Now her imagination is her only limitation on where she can go and her writing lets her escape from the daily duties as a mom, wife, chauffeur, scheduler, cook, teacher, volunteer, cleaner and mediator.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Blind Trust (The Boardroom #2) by Lynda Aicher to read and review.

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