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The Billionaire’s Boxing Day Bargain by Ava Hayden – Stocking Stuffers

Milo is too nice to say no when the desperate call goes out for more staff to work Boxing Day at Eden Consumer Electronics. It’s just until they sell the door-crasher specials, but it means he can’t see his billionaire boyfriend Lance until later that day.

Lance spends December 25 jetting back from a business trip, eager to see Milo. He calls as soon as his flight lands Boxing Day morning, only to find out that seven hundred and thirty televisions are cock-blocking him.

What’s the point of being a billionaire if you can’t spend your way around obstacles? Milo doesn’t want Lance solving his problems with cash, but he’ll never find out because Lance’s efficient personal assistant, William, is on the case. Unfortunately, even billionaires are subject to the law of unintended consequences—and these aren’t the kind Lance can buy his way out of.

Will Lance and Milo have their Boxing Day date? Or have Lance’s pushy billionaire ways finally gone too far?

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

First off, it’s nice to know that there’s a madness experienced by other countries equivalent to the US’s Black Friday sales – Boxing Day. Yep, based on a few of the scenes and memories in this story, Boxing Day shoppers can be just as driven and ruthless in their quest to snag the best bargains on their biggest shopping day of the year. And thanks to the well-intentioned machinations of Lance, Milo’s billionaire boyfriend, we are treated to a rather spectacular run on a poorly selling item as Lance flexes his financial muscle to get what he wants – to spend the day with Milo.

The Billionaire’s Boxing Day Bargain is a little cheesy in places, but I find that a good bit of Christmas-related stories are either cheesy or toothachingly sweet, but in a way I don’t mind in the least during the holidays. What I liked about Hayden’s novelette is that when Lance sets out to do what needs to be done so that he can spend the day with Milo, it’s not done in an entitled way, but rather as a man just wanting to spend time with his significant other. That Lance’s right-hand man was able to kill two birds with one stone had me smiling, even if things went awry. I really, really liked how Lance and Milo weren’t the only couple in the story to make an important decision about their future happiness together. And while I definitely enjoyed the ending, my favorite parts of the novelette were the recollections of how Lance and Milo met. I’m not sure why, but I found Lance’s persistent actions to be sweet and they still make me grin – even if the thought of a Boxing Day excursion makes me grimace.

AVA HAYDEN lives and writes in Canada but grew up in the southern United States.

When not writing, she loves reading yaoi manga and LGBTQ+ romance, taking afternoon tea, baking, seeing plays, hearing live music, and hiking (even though she once came face-to-face with two grizzlies on a trail). Most of the time her life isn’t that exciting (and doesn’t require her to carry bear spray), and she’s okay with that.

She is thrilled to be publishing with Dreamspinner Press.

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  1. Thanks for the review. I don't mind cheesy. Especially in Christmas stories.


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