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Block Party by Stylo Fantôme Blog Tour

Things you need for a good Block Party:

1. Awesome food
2. Great Music
3. Fun games
4. A secret spot to hook up with your even-more-secret girlfriend.

Liam Edenhoff is a simple creature. He likes women, tacos, and sex. As long as he has those in his life, everything is good. He's finally realizing maybe he's just not cut out for relationships - surely there's got to be a woman out there who'd be okay with roof top margaritas, casual sex, and no attachments.

Enter a new neighbor - one who is allergic to commitment and prefers her sex casual but frequent. She's seen him at his worst and is still willing to play his games, on three conditions - discretion is a must, casual is key, and absolutely no drama. Sounds like the perfect arrangement. What could go wrong?

Famous last words when dealing with neighbors.

A Twin Estates Novel – This story contains scenes of a graphic sexual nature, multiple uses of coarse language, and more tacos than is healthy or sane to read about. Reader discretion is advised.

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Book 3
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Block Party is the third installment of the Twin Estates series. It can easily be read as a standalone – however, I suggest against that, as the reader would miss out on the backstory that connects all the characters, as well as the twisty relationships/friendships that has Liam acting as he does.

I love Liam – not gonna lie. After the events in the previous two books, I just wanted to give Liam a hug and a bagful of tacos, maybe share some booze and laughs. The boy got the short end of the stick, and I was thrilled to read a novel from his point-of-view.

Liam is misunderstood, showing the world who they believe him to be, instead of who he truly is at his core.

Ayumi is Wulf's right-hand woman, as previously seen in the two earlier novels. She's written to be highly intelligent, stern, calm, and in control of any given situation. Her life is mapped out, where she just works and works, with fun not in her vocabulary. She even tries to schedule sex.

The Twin Estates' resident Ice Queen was surprisingly irrational at times, belying the rest of her personality traits. While there are women out there who think with emotion, I found this at odds with how Ayumi was written, for her to be without reasoning skills, flighty, a hair-trigger on her emotions, emotionally immature (not just within a relationship) yet super intelligent, responsible, and controlled. I couldn't balance those two vast, emotional differences inside my head.

This was expected, on my part, because Katya felt the same with me, as does every other female I've encountered by this author. Not a negative, just an emotional signature I could only handle in small doses.

As Liam said – "whiplash."

Liam is a mess – the flighty boy who always chased pleasure and instant gratification connects with Ayumi, the grown woman who lives by a schedule. Opposites attract, after the fog clears and they notice how insanely attracted to the other they are.

Neither has been in a committed relationship – major angst, pitfalls, miscommunications as they learned how to navigate this more mature relationship.

This book, as well as the series as a whole, I recommend to fans of the New Adult genre (not sure if the narrators' ages places them in this category or not) but it has the same Kindle-clenching angst that is known in New Adult, along with the sensual naughtiness.

I love Liam, seriously LOVE him, and have patiently been waiting for his story. I would recommend reading this series in order, you can start here if you want, but this will be so much more satisfying if you start at the beginning.

Ayumi is Wulf's assistant, we met her in book one, but we don't really know anything about her beside she's instrumental in Wulf's success. She's always working, but is getting tired of Wulf's patronizing statements. When she's told that Katya is going out for the evening, Ayumi finds a way to join in the fun!

Ayumi is portrayed as stoic, calculating, and straight-laced. Liam is the exact opposite – outgoing, spontaneous, and reckless. Together, they are trying to figure out how to navigate a relationship – and failing miserably! They're missteps are entertaining, angsty, sweet, and frustrating.

I enjoyed watching Liam feel, truly feel love for a woman. I will admit that at times their behavior seemed quite adolescent, but I understand that this relationship thing was new for both of them. Overall, I really enjoyed this story and can't wait for Tori's story!

This is the third book in the series, and I would definitely recommend that you read them in order, as there would be a layer of knowledge which would otherwise be missing. It would especially affect your view of Liam. I have been desperately keen to get into his story, so this was a treat.

Liam is a twin, and the less intellectual of the two, who has made it his life's mission to be chilled, happy, life and soul of the party. He owns a bar/sex club and has come to embody that party lifestyle. Understanding why he feels this is what he had to do, is really revealing – and sits juxtaposition with why Ayumi behaves as she does. Somehow, they break through their heavily fortified walls, and by explaining it to each other, gain understanding of themselves.

Their relationship hardly starts with firm roots – indeed much as if it were a weed, they pull it up constantly and then finding each other irresistible, replant it! Sometimes their behaviour, and Ayumi's in particular, is very confusing, but getting Liam to his happily ever after is important enough to be patient.

Through some fabulous banter, some weepy moments, and some distinctly sexy ones, these two forge a bond which I think is everything that Liam deserves.

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