Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Then Came Cal by Lee Barrows

Sean Hutchins is having the worst day of his life…

After losing what he thought was his dream job, Sean Hutchins walks away to suddenly find not only his professional life, but also his personal life, falling apart. Seeking comfort in his best friend Cassie, the last person Sean expects to run into is Cassie’s big brother—and Sean’s long time crush—Cal.

Cal is supposed to be on vacation visiting his baby sister, not babysitting her and her best friend, Sean. And he definitely is not supposed to be staring at Sean’s hot ass. But after spending some time with the guy, Cal finds himself having confusing feelings for him.

Should Cal act on his attraction? And can Sean find a way to put back the broken pieces of his heart and his life?

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Sean finds out he is losing his job and his boyfriend/roommate is seeing other men and when everything falls apart he seeks advice and comfort from his best friend Cassie. Cassie's brother Cal just happens to be visiting. Sean has always found Cal attractive but Cal's less than friendly attitude toward him puts him off.

Cal has always thought Sean was good looking but because he is Cassie's friend he's never acted on that attraction until he can't help himself.

Then Came Cal is a quick read novella. It has good chemistry between the two main characters and an enjoyable best friend, Cassie. The story felt a bit rushed but nothing that was off putting as far as finishing it went. It was a good length to complete within an hour or two.

For a very short read, this packs in a lot of story – and also avoids the insta-love that can feature in such books. The lead characters knew each other from a while ago, and Cal had decided that he was too old and enjoyed his freedom too much to mess with his sister's best friend Sean. Lucky for us (and them) he wises up and we see the promise of great things to come ... Fun, hot and hopeful – a lovely little read, thank you Lee Barrows.

Lee Barrows believes in young love, old love, new love, forever love, redeeming love, forgiving love, lose-yourself love, find-yourself love… Love for anyone and everyone.

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