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Repentance: The Story of Kace Haywood by Meghan Quinn Blog Tour

Every choice you make in life comes with a consequence, which dictates the outcome of your future.

I was once on top, I was living the life I dreamt of, I had everything I could possibly hope for. I was happy, satisfied, content…until one night.

One off day.

One moment in time I wish I could take back. My biggest regret.

The once bright future I possessed vanished and in its place a dark world of self-hatred and loathing encompassed me.

People like to celebrate the day they were born, I like to celebrate the day my soul died.

This is my story of repentance.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

If like me you've been looking forward to reading Kace's story since reading Becoming a Jett Girl, I'm happy to report it is well worth the wait. The story is told entirely from Kace's point of view and this is very much all about Kace. The story switches between the present where Kace is struggling to live with the guilt of his actions, and the past where we get to experience the events that lead to Kace's life falling apart. We are able to judge for ourselves whether or not we think Kace deserves a second chance. I did feel the way the storyline resolved was entirely predictable but given the genre that is to be expected.

Repentance is a captivating story. It is intense and I didn't realise how much the story had affected me until I felt the tears running down my face. Great story.

Ms. Quinn is a talented author, who I can trust to make me laugh, and cry. She succeeded once again here, although mainly tissues required, there were some wonderful moments of levity.

The story of a man so burdened by his actions that he really struggles to see a future for himself. As we travel back and forwards through his story as he sees it, we get a deep insight into just how deeply he has fallen. Only my faith in Ms. Quinn had me believing in his redemption, as much as his repentance. That the lightness comes from someone also with a bad past, but a belief in the future, evens the score and the reader is offered hope. I would suggest that you read this whilst you are not feeling too blue yourself – with a plentiful supply of tissues, and preferably in a private spot.

Being at the lowest point in his life, one bad decision, one wrong punch, has left Kace Haywood battling demons and sent him into a horrible downward spiral. He doesn't think he ever deserves to be happy. He lives with the grief he's caused. He believes in giving second chances to those who need it, but he doesn't think he's worth that chance. Jett, the only person Kace allows to be close to him, believes in him and Kace finds himself wanting to let someone else in, Lyla.

Repentance is told in a past/present POV, which I really enjoyed. The emotion is intense. I so felt for Kace and watching him going through his self-destruction was horrible. There were tears but on the flip side the conversations between the main characters had me laughing. Definitely a roller coaster of emotions. The interaction between Kace and Lyla was explosive in and out of the bedroom.

Repentance is well worth the read.

Flippin’ heck!!! Repentance was awesome! Having read the Bourbon series, I was quite familiar with Kace and jumped at the chance to review this book (which I also bought). At least I thought I knew Kace. While I knew that our moody, broody, sexy as sin former boxer’s story was going to be intense, I was not prepared for the rollercoaster ride that Ms. Quinn took me on. Truth be told, I should have been because the author has ripped my heart out and repaired it with each book in the Bourbon series, from which Repentance hails, and yet I was still taken by surprise time and time again as Kace’s story unfolded.

To begin with, I had drawn my own conclusions as to the events of the night that changed Kace’s life. Fans of the Bourbon series know that Kace killed a man while he was drunk one evening and I had always assumed that it was a drunk driving incident. The truth of that night was both better and worse than I imagined. Yes, Kace killed a man. Yes, he was drunk when it occurred. But it wasn’t the black and white situation that I had believed it to be based on Kace and Jett’s conversations about the past. While Kace did indeed feel a boatload of guilt over his actions, the main reason was because of the family he destroyed – taking away a husband and a father. I had wondered how Jett managed to cover up Kace’s crime and when we see that night play out, any doubts I had about Jett’s actions that night were obliterated. Even though Jett managed to keep Kace out of jail, he couldn’t keep Kace from living in his own self-imposed prison. What made this whole situation even more devastating was that it came on the heels of the loss of Kace’s boxing career. I nearly cried when Kace learned that his trainer had been doping him without his knowledge. To have your dreams stolen by the person you’re supposed to be able to trust – I can’t even imagine. I was devastated for him. I knew that Kace’s life had not been a good one, but until this book I had no idea of just how bad of a hand he had been dealt. The one thing that Repentance did reaffirm for me was that despite his outward demeanor, Kace Haywood is a good man.

Ms. Quinn presents Kace’s story by alternating between the past and the present and it works beautifully. We get to see the work that Jett, the girls, and Kace have put into the community center that Jett decided to open so he could help more people than just the Jett Girls. This format allows us to see the damage that Kace is doing to himself and those around him as he drowns in his guilt that has been increasing over the years. We get to see him try to destroy his relationship with Lyla even as we see how it started. Thankfully Lyla is just as spunky as Goldie and despite Kace throwing some seriously damaging blows to their relationship, she soldiers forth until she can make him see that she wants him – Kace, the man – bad moods, emotional baggage, sexy abs, and all. Let me assure you that Ms. Quinn still has it when it comes to writing steamy sex scenes. Yowser! Though I won’t say that I knew that the healing revelation was going to be what it was, I will say that I had begun to hope with all my heart that the situation would turn out that way because I could see no better way for Kace to find his redemption. And those scenes were made even better by Kace sharing them with Jett, his best friend and the man who had walked the journey with him, refusing to abandon him. And yes, tissues were needed. While Repentance is not officially a part of the Bourbon series, it is a must read for Bourbon fans because you not only get Kase’s story, but you also get to keep tabs on the lives of Jett, Goldie, and the Jett Girls. If you haven’t read the Bourbon series don’t worry because Repentance easily stands on its own, but you may find yourself adding three books to your to-be-read list. Well done Ms. Quinn! I cannot wait for the next spin-off.

Born in New York and raised in Southern California, Meghan has grown into a sassy, peanut butter eating, blonde haired swearing, animal hoarding lady. She is known to bust out and dance if “It’s Raining Men” starts beating through the air and heaven forbid you get a margarita in her, protect your legs because they may be humped.

Once she started commuting for an hour and twenty minutes every day to work for three years, she began to have conversations play in her head, real life, deep male voices and dainty lady coos kind of conversations. Perturbed and confused, she decided to either see a therapist about the hot and steamy voices running through her head or start writing them down. She decided to go with the cheaper option and started writing… enter her first novel, Caught Looking.

Now you can find the spicy, most definitely on the border of lunacy, kind of crazy lady residing in Colorado with the love of her life and her five, furry four legged children, hiking a trail or hiding behind shelves at grocery stores, wondering what kind of lube the nervous stranger will bring home to his wife. Oh and she loves a good boob squeeze!

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