Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Beauty of You by Jennifer Wenn

When Sinclair Darling, the Earl of Chilton, is suddenly tricked into marrying, he’s beyond furious, even though the girl is known as the Incomparable Queen of the ton because of her beauty. Taken aback by his new wife's spoiled behavior and seeming coldhearted selfishness, Sin desperately tries to hide that he's not the unwilling husband she thinks him to be — he has admired her from afar for years.

In the eyes of polite society, Lady Charmaine de Vere has it all—beauty, wit, and now marriage to the heir of one of the wealthiest dukedoms in England. But behind the shiny exterior a dark secret lurks, a secret she would do anything to save her sister from--even sacrifice her one chance for marital bliss.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

This regency romance was just the type I usually go for. It was an easy and quick read for me. There are parts that aren't very easy to follow without paying close attention, but otherwise it flowed pretty well. My biggest negative points in the story were that the main characters weren't the ones that the reader would relate and connect to the most and I found that odd. Sin is likeable, but almost mundane and Charmane is meant to be cold and distant, but even when she shows her true self it seemed a little shallower than I'd expected it'd go. I didn't really understand how he had a crush on her from afar, but then was angry about being tricked into marriage. I also thought that the climax of Charmane's big secret being revealed would have had more shock value.

Having said all of that, I really did end up liking this book. Sin's family and the way they interact with each other were great fun and entertaining. I do love a nice HEA and the author definitely didn't let me down there. I would recommend this book to regency romance fans.

So who am I? Well, to do it the short way….. I’m a devoted mother of four children (beloved little monsters), married to my very own hero and best friend (deeply in love for more than twenty years), owner of one cat (whom I didn’t get to name Elvis) who rules our home without mercy and completely addicted to coffee (who isn’t?). I live in western Sweden, in a house that is constantly growing and therefore is never finished. Did I mention my husband is a builder…

I’m totally addicted to TV-shows such as Elementary, The Blacklist, Person of Interest, Bones, Criminal Minds, NCIS and Castle to mention a few. I’m still in mourning as a few of my all-time favourites was cancelled this spring.
Rest in Peace CSI and The Mentalist.

I’m currently writing on a fourth novel in The Royal Family series while eagerly awaiting my first contemporary novel to be published. Just signed the contract with The Wild Rose Press.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of The Beauty of You by Jennifer Wenn to read and review.

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