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Love Me Later by Libby Rice Blog Tour

Scarlet Leore enjoys a glittering existence among New York society’s elite. Ethan Blake is a prizefighter knocking his way through school, counting on his winnings to bankroll the dreams that won’t fit in a boxing ring. When the two meet, neither can deny the instant attraction that wells between the hulking fighter and the heiress who is miles and millions out of his league. But a vicious attack leaves Scarlet physically and emotionally battered, and for Ethan, the allure crumbles along with the rest of his life after Scarlet accuses him of wielding the knife.

Years later, Scarlet has abandoned the high life for that of a hard-working lawyer, while Ethan has clawed his way to the pinnacle of a business empire. Drawn into his world of high-stakes tech mergers, they dance to a tune of revenge, desire, and finally, redemption. But theirs is a world that won’t tolerate an attorney falling for her client. They’ll need more than lust and forgiveness. They must bridge the chasm of a tormented past to understand who they are today. Only then can they forge a future in the face of the resurging enemy who once tore them apart.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

I absolutely loved this book. Love Me Later is more than a second chance romance. It is a seriously steamy romantic suspense novel featuring a hot ex-boxer alpha male and a strong yet fragile heroine. Ethan is everything I like in my hero – sexy, smart, possessive without being stalkerish, protective and open to love with the right person. As expected after the attack, Scarlett is extremely fragile and has a whole host of neuroses that help her deal with the PTSD she suffers (I should note that that is my conclusion, not something the author states). What is surprising is that she possesses a strength you wouldn’t expect to see in someone with her vulnerabilities. Ms. Rice does an excellent job in balancing Scarlett’s two sides, while making her feel real.

Love Me Later opens with Scarlett and Ethan’s first meeting and how Scarlett was so taken by Ethan that she planned to make him her husband. I thought that was quite funny actually because it’s the kind of planning I often see in the male lead and it wasn’t an insta-love reaction. Rather Ethan intrigued Scarlett and she plotted a course of action in order to get to know him with the intention of marrying him should he be the person she hoped him to be. Sadly the games that people play left her vulnerable to an attack. As her attacker’s behavior implicated Ethan and she subsequently accused him of the attack, any chance of a relationship was obviously destroyed, especially when evidence was discovered that proved his innocence.

Fast forward ten years and we find their roles reversed with Ethan being filthy rich and Scarlett working for her paycheck – yes she’s an attorney but the expenses she has to insure her safety are high and she is now dependent upon a paycheck. When Ethan is in need of a corporate attorney to oversee business negotiations, Scarlett’s name comes up and he jumps at the chance for the opportunity to get some legal retribution. What follows is a rollercoaster ride of emotions as the two work closely together – anger, lust, fear, anxiety, love, safety, and betrayal. When the line is finally crossed and they end up in bed together it is H.O.T. hot! I adored the way that Ethan responded to Scarlett’s lingerie issue. When her colleagues get wind of the affair and Scarlett realizes that they need to take a break until she can make the necessary arrangements so that Ethan is no longer her client, my heart broke for her at his reaction. There were actually several times during the book when I wanted to cry for Scarlett. Both she and Ethan were victims in this book, but it was Scarlett who kept taking the punches long after they should have been over.

Ms. Rice has done an excellent job in combining love and loss with romantic suspense and crafting a book that kept me on the edge of my seat. She has created a great cast of characters that I enjoyed spending time with. The manner in which the facts behind her attack were revealed kept the story moving forward and the actual motivation was staggering. This is a definite reread for me and I can only hope that we get to see Scarlett and Ethan again in the next book in the series. And I just have to say that I love, love, LOVED the epilogue. It was the perfect ending.

5Sexy and Suspenseful Stars

I loved Love Me Later from the first chapter to the last. This sexy story offers more than a second chance at romance. It's suspenseful, dangerous, fan yourself steamy, and it offers a little bit of an unexpected twist. I seriously could not put it down. Libby Rice had earned herself a new fan. If her next installment of the Second Chances Series is anything like the first January 2015 can't come soon enough.

I found this book to be a really good read, with a strong plot and interesting lead characters. I was very happy when I got to the end (don't panic, not a spoiler...) and read the start of the next book in the series - although it is scheduled for release in January 2015.

The tension through the story is well maintained, and often the writing led one down a wrong path, only to reveal the issue later and make the plot clearer. The confusion that both Ethan and Scarlet feel regarding each other is hardly a surprise, and the chemistry that overrides their good sense at times is unexpected, but I felt that added to the story. It is easy sitting reading to question motive, not so much in the heat of the moment.

Great start to a series!

Before becoming a writer, Libby was first a mechanical engineer in the data acquisition industry (voltmeter anyone?). Preferring writing to technical design, Libby headed to law school and eventually practiced patent law for several enterprising years (patent application covering a voltmeter anyone?). Finally realizing that technology just wasn’t her bag, she traded the voltmeters for alpha heroes and the women who love them.

Today, Libby writes contemporary romances from the foot of the Rocky Mountains, where she lives with her husband, a bona fide rocket scientist (he stuck with the voltmeters!). When not writing, Libby loves good food, even better wine, and traveling the world in search of the next great story.

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