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When Marcus suggests we make a bet and if I win I get his ex’s ticket on a four day cruise, I’m not sure he’s for real. He doesn’t like to gamble and he hates to lose even more than I do. Yet, the allure of sharing a room with him for four glorious days is too tempting to resist.

To my surprise, I win, and Marcus doesn't resist the outcome. It's almost like he actually wanted to lose. But that would be crazy, right?

Things take an even wilder turn when Marcus's mom mistakes me for his fiancé, and neither of us corrects her. Now, his whole family believes we're engaged, and we're caught in a tangled mess of lies, with even his brother and our friends joining the charade.

Amidst the chaos, I have to admit that this plan might just be the best idea I've ever had. Well, except for our little rehearsal of a staged kiss, just in case we need to perform it in front of his family.

That was the best idea ever, because with his hands on my waist and his mouth on mine I’m starting to think this fake relationship might be more real than either of us thought.

But when a past hookup threatens to expose everything, it forces Marcus to choose between revealing the truth or pretending I'm just like his former flame.

Can our fake relationship survive reality, or will it crumble under the weight of secrets and revelations?

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Whiskey Business by Becca Jackson

Book 3
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The tall, glass building of my family’s law firm never looked more ominous than it does right now. I’m standing at the doors, far enough away that I don’t obstruct the other people making their way in, but close enough that every time the doors open I get a glimpse of the security check and reception desk. People scramble past to get inside, none of them paying me much attention. Why would they? It’s not like my name is on the building–oh, wait, it is, but I haven’t been here in years. If I had my way, I’d never be back here again. But I made a deal and I never back out on a deal.

Five years ago I stood in his office, way up there on the sixty-first floor, and promised that when I returned I’d be everything he wanted me to be. I’d be done embarrassing him, be ready to take my place beside him at Finch and Finch and continue to build up the respectable name. The firm he and my grandfather started. I’m nowhere near ready. These last five years only proved one thing; I’ll never be the man he wants me to be.

I pull at my tie; it’s like a noose around my neck, squeezing tighter and tighter the longer I stall.

I should just go inside. I have to face what’s coming, but I can’t convince my feet to move. I free the tie and ball it up in my pocket. I use my other hand to unbutton the neck of my shirt and as I squeeze it tighter, air rushes into my lungs, bringing a modicum of relief.

How do I do this?

My phone vibrates in my pocket and I pull it out, hands shaking.

MARCUS: I just found out that there is a ’60s theme night on this thing. Costumes will be required. Are you sure you still want to go?

Marcus out of a suit and in hippy bell bottoms and a silk shirt? Hell yes I’m sure I want to go.

ARI: Leave the costumes to me. We’ll be the best dressed on the cruise. They have prizes for that, right?

MARCUS: No idea about the prizes, but you’ll be in for a challenge if you want to win, some of the family are in the theatre, so they’ll bring it.

ARI: Oh, I love a challenge.

MARCUS: I’m well aware of that.

My hands are no longer shaking as I lock my phone and slip it back into my pocket. This cruise is going to be amazing. Four days of face to face time with Marcus, could a guy wish for anything more? I look up at the building again and it somehow doesn't seem so sinister. Maybe I can do this.



I prop my head on my hand, and Mom rubs my back. “How do I make this better for Ari?”     “You can only be there for him. We can’t fix the people around us, only help lift them when they fall.”



Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

This is the third book in the Love in No Man's Land series, and I would definitely recommend that you read them in order, as the books follow on from each other and the characters are developing as the series continues.

Marcus and Ari have been skirting around their attraction to each other for a while, but Ari knows he is on a time limit and Marcus has just come out of a horrible relationship, so best not to act on the attraction. That is, until Marcus has to go on a family cruise... and cannot face it alone. He lets Ari persuade him into a bet which will pretty much guarantee he has a companion for the trip.

Cue an amusing misunderstanding which has them sharing a bed and being assumed to be engaged by Marcus's family. Suddenly they take a chance on that chemistry and we get to watch as they iron out some of the issues before they can really consider a future together.

Another fun installment, with plenty of catching up with friends from earlier books and the reassurance that there is no time limit on happiness.

This is the third book in the series. I have read the previous books, so I felt even more connected to all the characters. I just love Marcus and Ari. They have always had an attraction for each other from afar in previous books and I'm glad they finally got their happily ever after. This book was a fast read, and I enjoyed every second of it. I loved how wonderful Marcus's family was to Ari before and after they learned the whole truth. I have never been on a cruise but after reading this book I think it might be fun to go on one. The only thing missing about this book was I wanted to see more of what happened after the cruise. I really, really wanted more about Ari and his dad, more detail, more on page. I hope there is another book coming because I really enjoy this series.

Whiskey Business is the third installment in the Love in No Man's Land series. It should be read in the order the author intended as the story carries through each book.

Marcus has just come from a horrible breakup and has to go on a family-planned cruise. Marcus has yet to tell his family he is no longer engaged. When the perfect drunken bet comes up between Marcus and Ari, Marcus knows he wants Ari with him and doesn't want to face his family alone. What Marcus doesn't expect is for Ari to claim to be his long-lost fiancé that his family has never met. What started out as a fake relationship quickly finds its way into real territory.

I loved watching Marcus and Ari fall for each other. We've seen Ari's attraction to Marcus in past books and to see him finally showing Marcus that'd he'd just about do anything for him. Marcus has reasons to have his walls up but something about Ari easily breaks down every wall he's built around his heart. Super cute read. I can't wait for more from this series!



I’m supposed to be the flirty one and he’s supposed to be struggling to resist my charms, so why is it I’m the one falling all over himself?


Author Bio

Becca Jackson. Heart, Heat and H.E.A.s.

BECCA JACKSON is the author of mm romance stories that deliver heart, heat, and happily ever afters for some totally adorkable and fabulous guys.

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He’s laying his head against my chest smiling. “I think this is my favorite sound,” he says, and warmth balloons in my chest. “I love that it beats just a little faster when I say that too. Like it’s answering a question I didn’t have to ask.”


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