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Followilled by Erica Chilson Release Blitz

Followilled. What does it mean to be a Followill? What does it mean to be a Devereaux?

What does it mean to be a Followill?

Embarking on the lifelong journey of true adulthood, Rayna Scott is about to graduate college and return to Followill. Rayna experiences a gamut of emotions for falling into her new role so easily, much to the surprise of the Followill family.

More than just a prop for Governor Followill’s campaign.
More than just a stubborn housemate.
More than just an obligation for her chosen parental units.
More than just vows made to Daddy and Momma.

A precarious balance as Rayna struggles with who she used to be, who she is today, and who she will become versus who she would’ve been had her life not been altered by tragedy.

Moving forward and refusing to look back, just as Rayna makes peace with what it means to be a Followill, she’s thrust into the knowledge of her paternal line. After the solitude of a small family, no burdens of responsibility or pressure of obligation, Rayna is tapped out with the Followills. She has absolutely no desire to engage with the family that abandoned her daddy.

Secrets buried beneath lies, Rayna discovers Peri is just one of many relatives hiding in plain sight.

What does it mean to be a Devereaux?

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Followilled by Erica Chilson

Book 3
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I’m terrified to move back to Followill and have to compete with these people he calls friends.     I hate myself, I really do.     Why can’t I fucking let him go?     Charles Alaric Followill is like a contagious disease that I seem to have no desire to cure.



Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

This is the strongest finale that we could have dreamed about for this wonderful trilogy. If you have not started it yet, then you are very lucky to be able to read all three books together, rather than having to wait! You absolutely need to read them in order – so if you have found this first, do yourself a favour and go back to Followill or you will miss out on why this is such a great book.

From the get go I was excited that this book takes us straight to the end of college days for Rayna and her peers. Yes, we get some of the intervening years filled in, to give us some insight into why she might be feeling as she does, but it is this post-graduation stage of her life which is going to be the most revealing!

One truth from her childhood drives Rayna, the need to study and be the best she can – and certainly she has not let herself or her daddy down. She will return to Followill as required and be the very best at her predetermined career. On that score there is little doubt... but her understanding of her family, her future, and true love? That is more than a little complicated – but utterly delicious.

I really do not want to say more, because peeling back the layers of crazy is the most exciting thing about reading one of Chilson's novels, and this is no exception. I loved every bit of this whole trilogy, and really feel that this installment just brought all the eye rolls, the chuckles, some gasps, and, by the end, a serenity which isn't saccharine, but which is earned and deserved... even if unconventional.

I am looking forward to hiding away over my Christmas break and reading all three back to back... with some handy snacks and a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on my door!

Oh, my goodness! So many twists and turns, so many secrets and lies, so many subtle leaks and some really good, in-your-face revelations that left my mind spinning, and it all made for one heck of a rollercoaster ride. More than once, I’d be reading along, just going with the flow with Rayna and BAM, a sudden drop from a happy high had me white-knuckling my Kindle. Gah! It wasn’t even my life and I was an anxious mess while reading at times. And I FREAKING LOVED IT!

Nearly four years have passed since the end of Followill Loyalty, with Followilled being partially centered around another Followill wedding, but this wedding is one Rayna is happy to be a part of, even if it isn’t well-timed either, with it taking place towards the end of her final semester at college. Poor timing or not, it gives readers a chance to see just a bit of Rayna’s college experience, to see how she’s grown over the past four years, and how she hasn’t. Her biggest personality flaw remains her inability to actually hear what is being said by and about Charlie. The girl still has blinders when it comes to that man and they’re not the good kind of blinders, but at least this time around, Charlie seems to have a better grasp on Rayna’s blind spots. So much so, that he actually encouraged one of her misconceptions and enjoyed the look on her face when she learned the truth. Charlie. Charlie. Charlie. While it was funny, he failed to anticipate just how far down the rabbit hole that misunderstanding took her.

We finally got to go to CAMP!!! It was everything I expected and then some. Oh, so much more. Those Followills sure are some naughty buggers. As fun as it was to watch Rayna experience Camp for the first time, to get to meet some of the different branches on the Followill family tree, to fumble while learning the secret language of Camp, and to finally fully comprehend Charlie’s place, and hers as his intended spouse, in the Followill family, it was the verbal showdown between Rayna, a Followill elder, and a guest that had me unable to peel myself away from the book. I was wholeheartedly on Rayna’s side on this one. I was as baffled and frustrated as she was by the Followill elder’s inability and refusal to see past his cock. He was far more condescending than I expected when he treated her complaint as if it was due to Rayna’s age and not because the transgressor was so far in the wrong that criminal charges could be filed. I don’t blame Rayna one bit for losing her temper and “outing” the transgressor publicly at Camp, especially when the transgressor tried to defend her actions and play the victim. Considering the transgressor’s profession, I wanted to bitch-slap her myself for her actions. My only problem with that scene came later in the book when Rayna includes the transgressor in an event, as an olive branch, because she was ashamed of her “childish” behavior of airing her grievances publicly at Camp. I thought Rayna’s outburst was more than justified because she had already spoken to the transgressor privately and it accomplished nothing. Sorry, but the public naming and shaming was well deserved for both the Followill elder and the transgressor because everyone in the family needed to be aware of the risks the transgressor posed. I’ve probably confused you, but trying to write about a scene while avoiding spoilers can be a bit tricky.

I know the author released the Followill books, intending them to be a trilogy, and they do well as a trilogy of Rayna’s story. However, I really, really, really hope that Chilson’s muse comes-a-pestering and won’t let up until we get more stories from the residents of Followill because there are so many characters whose stories need to be told. And I would seriously love the chance to catch up with Rayna, Charlie, and Paul (and Felix) to see how life, politics, and the Followill legacy is shaping their lives… or how Ms. Rayna has changed the shape of the Followill legacy for the better.



As much as Felix pisses me off, he’s the perfect person to have at your back, but you better make sure he isn’t wielding a knife first.


Author Bio

ERICA CHILSON does not write in the 3rd person, wanting her readers to be her characters. Therefore, writing a bio about herself, is uncomfortable in the extreme.

Born, raised, and here to stay, the Wicked Writer is a stump-jumper, a ridge-runner. Hailing from North Central Pennsylvania, directly on the New York State border; she loves the changes in seasons, the humid air, all the mountainous forest, and the gloomy atmosphere.

Introverted, but not socially awkward, Erica prides herself on thinking first and filtering her speech. There are days she doesn’t speak at all. If it wasn’t for the fact that she lives with her parents, giving her a sense of reality, she would be a hermit, where the delivery man finds her months after expiration.

Reading was an escape, a way to leave a not-so pleasant reality behind. Reading lent Erica the courage she gathered from the characters between the pages to long for a different life. Writing was an instrument of change, evolving Erica into the woman she is today – a better, more mature, more at peace thinker.

Erica has a wicked mind, one she pours out into her creations. Her filter doesn’t allow all of it to erupt, much to her relief. Sarcastic, with a very dark, perverse sense of humor, Erica puts a bit of herself into every character she writes.

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“Pops relinquished control to me. Everything Followill belongs to me.”     “So I’m going to check inside the cabin now, Charlie.” Grabbing for my emotional support Squishmallows, I step out of the car.


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