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Cry Wolf by Charlie Adhara

Agent Cooper Dayton never thought anything could be harder than solving murders. Until he had to plan a wedding. Cry Wolf by Charlie Adhara.

Agent Cooper Dayton never thought anything could be harder than solving murders. Until he had to plan a wedding.

After taking down an old adversary, Agent Cooper Dayton of the Bureau of Special Investigations has earned a break. Not that planning a wedding to his sexy shifter partner, Oliver Park, is necessarily stress free, but it’s better than worrying about the ominous warning, delivered months ago, that Cooper’s life is in danger.

When he’s dragged to an event by his family, Cooper braces for an awkward evening, but instead finds himself in the middle of an ugly feud between Park’s ex and a rebel pack leader. What was supposed to be a quick outing turns into a full-blown murder investigation after the pack leader ends up dead, Park’s ex goes missing, and Cooper and Park are sent a series of disturbing wedding gifts that are somehow connected to it all.

The list of potential suspects is long, and with the bodies piling up, Cooper must turn to the one person he trusts the least: the villain he’s already put behind bars once and who has nothing to lose by lying and everything to gain if Cooper is out of the picture—for good. 

Don’t miss this thrilling installment in Charlie Adhara’s suspenseful paranormal mystery series, Big Bad Wolf.

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Cry Wolf by Charlie Adhara

Book 5
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

I love this series so much! This book takes Dayton and Park to the zoo. When a family day out turns into a murder investigation, Dayton finds himself at the centre of an increasingly creepy string of events. As a serial killer, a stalker, and a new pack member frustrate Dayton’s attempt to plan their wedding, things get messy for Dayton and Park personally and professionally.

This is probably the most conventional murder mystery in the series, but it is a wonderfully complicated whodunnit. I was able to keep up with Dayton and Park, but it took work to piece together all the threads – both from this book and from previous books – and the many twists and turns. Parts of the ending still surprised me, but everything made sense in hindsight. It’s a satisfying mystery.

The romance in this book is weaker than in previous books. Dayton’s insecurities feel out of character at times. He’s way too needy here. I don’t feel like we get enough of Park to balance Dayton. There are some lovely moments at the end, but I don’t feel like either is at his best at the start of this book.

Without spoilers, I feel like this book concludes the first series story arc and opens up a whole new one. Readers will need to know the series to understand this book and I’m guessing we’ll need to know this book before moving on. I love the new direction and I loved all the fresh ideas as we get ready to move on with Park and Dayton. I can’t wait for the next book.



Author Bio

CHARLIE ADHARA has always loved a good story and, on occasion, a bad one. After getting her degree in neuroscience, Charlie decided she’d much rather study the heart. She now writes contemporary, mystery, paranormal, queer romance. Or some assortment of that. Whatever the genre, her stories feature imperfect people stumbling around, tripping over trouble and falling in love.

Charlie has done a fair amount of stumbling around herself but tends to find her way back to the northeast U.S. After all, home is where the dog is.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Cry Wolf (Big Bad Wolf #5) by Charlie Adhara to read and review.

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