Thursday, August 13, 2020

A Reckless Note by Lisa Renee Jones

It all started with a note, just a simple note hand written by a woman I didn't know, never even met. But in that note is perhaps every answer to every question I've ever had in my life. And because of that note, I look for her, but find him. I'm drawn to his passion, his talent, a darkness in him that somehow becomes my light, my life. Kace August is rich, powerful, a rock star of violins, a man who is all tattoos, leather, good looks and talent. He has a wickedly sweet ability to play the violin, seducing audiences worldwide. Now, he’s seducing me. I know he has secrets. I don't care. Because you see, I have secrets, too.

I’m not Aria Alard, as he believes. I’m Aria Stradivari, daughter to Alessandro Stradivari, a musician born from the same blood as the man who created the famous Stradivarius violin. I am as rare as the mere 650 instruments my ancestors created. Instruments worth millions. 650 masterpieces, the brilliance unmatched. 650 reasons to kill. 650 reasons to hide. One reason not to: him.

Book 1
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Be warned, this is the first in a trilogy and there is a cliffhanger... not a totally awful one, but certainly you will muse over it until you can get the next book lined up on your e-reader!

The leads are both really fascinating, have deep secrets, and an attraction to each other which causes Aria, our narrator, to take many more chances that she normally would. She is desperate to find her absent brother, Gio, and puts herself at risk in order to further her mission.

Kace is a famous bad boy violinist – and he collects Stradivarius violins when he gets the chance. He is very keen to spend time with Aria, but is there more than just chemistry?

Be ready to race through this very engaging story, and then find a way to while away the time until the next installment is released!

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M/F Romance
Triggers: Cliffhanger

Aria has known heartache. Having lost both of her parents at a relatively young age, she and her brother, Gio, are all that are left of the famous Stradivarius family. She is a hard character to really dig in to. She is secretive, worried about her brother, and then suddenly, she's swept up in the whirlwind that is Kace August.

Kace August is a world-famous violinist and a bad boy too. He is just as mysterious as Aria, but he has more of an edge to him.

Kace and Aria have some steamy exchanges, but I found their relationship somewhat flat. I'm not sure if this was because they were both so mysterious in their end game or if it was just because we didn't really have a lot of development of their characters.

Overall, while this book does leave me wanting to see what happens, it was just a ho-hum story for me. Almost all of the mystery was wrapped into the last chapter and the rest was kind of just filler. While I can appreciate the buildup of the story, this felt very underdeveloped. I'm hoping for more in book two.

Lisa Renee Jones is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the highly acclaimed Inside Out series; the Dirty Money series; the White Lies duet; the Tall, Dark, and Deadly series; and The Secret Life of Amy Benson series. Murder Notes is the first book in the Lilah Love series.

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