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In Deep by Blue Saffire

I'll do anything to protect what's mine...

The last thing I needed was a call from my old precinct letting me know my knucklehead nephew had been picked up for skipping class. Still, I figured it would be an in-and-out visit. Quick. Simple. But the moment I heard her voice, I should've known it would be anything but easy.

I wasn't expecting the feelings that came roaring back the moment I laid eyes on the saucy detective with the gorgeous smile, but I probably should've seen it coming. Our history is one for the books, and it's a page-scorcher. And now here she is, standing in my way, and I can't seem to remember why I ever let her leave my side.

It looks like the sparks between me and Detective Danita Moralez are as intense as ever, but she's also more guarded than before. Two years ago, she walked out of my life because she wasn't willing to reveal the dangerous truth about her undercover work. This time, she's not going to get away so easily.

Book 2
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Avid Reader☆☆☆☆
M/F Romance
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Kevin is protective of his family. It's just that simple. When his brother-in-law and sister are gunned down in front of their house, it'll take all of the Blackhart brothers to figure out what was going on. Cal was in over his head, which isn't anything new, but now everyone is scrambling to figure out what he knew, who was behind the shooting, and who is going to pay.

Dem is an enigma. She is tough, but also vulnerable. She knows that she's closing in on the department issues, but can't seem to find the smoking gun. With Cal out of commission, nobody to trust, and a department who can't seem to figure out how to not be corrupt, she's running on fumes.

Kevin never forgot Dem and vice versa. However, with both of their lives up in the air, family to worry about, and a mystery to solve, can Kevin convince Dem that he can protect her and her secrets?

This is a fast-paced story that leaves you with questions even after some have been answered. I hope to see more of the loose ends wrapped up in the next book.

This is the second book in the series, and you really do need to read book one, Calling on Quinn, to really understand the Blackhart family dynamics, and the tragedy which struck at the end of the last book. We travel about a bit in time, but mainly so that it ties in the previous storyline, and so that we can understand when Kevin and Danita/Dem first met.

It was good to catch up with the family, and be reminded of how they pulled together after the shooting. It was really helpful to get us back up to speed, as for me there have been quite a few books in between – but I was straight back in there, worrying along with them and trying to work out the why. Danita adds significantly to that side of the story, although I found it difficult to believe that she could be undercover for so long – and more importantly, that she would think that not hearing anything from her handler for so long could be normal. Let alone not doing any kind of Google search... at a library if she was so worried about being found out. But allowing for the need to suspend disbelief on a few matters, I found the plot to be suitably complicated and convoluted.

I wasn't entirely surprised we were left on another cliffhanger, although not exactly for this book’s pairing, (phew!), but now I just need the next book on my Kindle very soon!

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Blue Saffire, award-winning, bestselling author of over thirty contemporary romance novels and novellas, writes with the intention to touch the heart and the mind. Blue hooks, weaves, and loops multiple series, keeping you engaged in her worlds. Every word is meant to have a lasting touch that leaves you breathless for more.

Blue and her husband live in a home filled with laughter and creativity, in Long Island, NY. Both working hard to build the Blue brand and cultivate their love for the arts. Creativity is their family affair.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of In Deep (The Blackhart Brothers #2) by Blue Saffire to read and review.

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