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It's in My Blood by Sean Azinsalt Blog Tour

Death eventually comes for us all. But what if there’s a way for older people to regain their youth? To stay a step ahead of the grim reaper?

Turning 40 was the last straw for me. It’s practically 60 in gay years and I wasn’t ready for dentures yet, so I came to Youthology — a program that injects clients with blood transfusions from young, fit and healthy donors.

I chose Nick.

Handsome. Masculine. And more importantly, young.

I thought I hit the lottery, until my life started to change for the worst. Not even the top medical experts can explain what happened to me. From the moment Nick’s blood flooded into my veins, I stopped being me, and I became something new; something dangerous and deadly.

I became my donor.

His obsessions are mine now. His darkest desires, his dreams, his needs, and nightmares are all a part of me, and I don’t want to let them go.

I embrace them and the beautiful boy who haunts both of our dreams.

My blood pact was sealed the moment I entered Youthology.

I never thought I’d become a killer.

This book is part of CRIMINAL DELIGHTS. Each novel can be read as a standalone and contains a dark M/M romance.

Warning: These books are for adult readers who enjoy stories where lines between right and wrong get blurry. High heat, twisted and tantalizing, these are not for the fainthearted.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

3 Dark Stars

Sean Azinsalt is a new-to-me author.

Spoiler-free review which is why I will be vague on the plot, as I don't want to ruin the reading experience.

It's in My Blood definitely fits the overall dark theme of the Criminal Delights: Obsession series, which are standalone collaborations by multiple authors.

As someone who just turned 40 on my last birthday, I could easily empathize with how there must be some sort of internal gauge inside our DNA that trips over to having things go haywire in our bodies at the strike of 40. I understood Mark's need for the fountain of youth, even if the lengths he used were far-reaching (uncomfortable laughter).

Mark is difficult to swallow – his almost narcissistic viewpoint comes off as whining, overbearing. What had me sympathizing over turning 40, also left me feeling down on myself, because with all of Mark's vapid whining, it grated on me, because it felt super judgy directed at the over 40 crowd. Only we don't have a fountain of youth or a sociopathic need to basically cannibalize a donor (metaphorical, not literal). This mindset made it easy to believe how Mark devolved into the person who would... do what he did, and the path of travel to get to the destination.

Mark's friend/boss suggested on his fortieth birthday to try Youthology, where he would write an article for their publication on the process and the results. It was perfect timing for Mark.

Now, this is where I have to be vague, because I don't wish to ruin the reading experience. This is a genuinely unique novel. A donor is chosen, where blood transfusions revitalize the recipient, only Mark became a special case. Not only did he become a special case, he became a special headcase, obsessed with the donor. Mark simultaneously loved and loathed Nick, finding symmetry, almost poetic justice in what took place.

Nick's wrongdoing made it slightly easier to swallow his predestined outcome, but that doesn't mean it was easy to read the scenes between them, knowing where it was headed in the end.

While I found the novel intriguing, with a tight premise, I wasn't fully engaged nor entertained. Perhaps it was my mood. I enjoy reading dark novels, but this didn't pull me in to where I needed to know what happened next. The narrator's voice didn't connect well with me, so I believe that added to my issue. Just not my cup of tea, so to speak.

It's in My Blood was a fitting installment in the Criminal Delights series, which I believe will please fans of the author and the series overall.

Sean Azinsalt is the pen name for Shane K Morton.

Shane lives in Studio City, CA with his husband Jody and their fur baby Slayer. His first novel, The Trouble with Off-Campus Housing was published in 2016. When not writing, Shane can be found at a film festival or performing cabaret somewhere in a dark dive bar in LA.

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