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Reverb by Anna Zabo

The tougher they are, the harder they fall.

Twisted Wishes bass player Mish Sullivan is a rock goddess—gorgeous, sexy and comfortable in the spotlight. With fame comes unwanted attention, though: a stalker is desperate to get close. Mish can fend for herself, just as she always has. But after an attack lands her in the hospital, the band reacts, sticking her with a bodyguard she doesn’t need or want.

David Altet has an instant connection with Mish. A certified badass, this ex-army martial arts expert can take down a man twice his size. But nothing—not living as a trans man, not his intensive military training—prepared him for the challenge of Mish. Sex with her is a distraction neither of them can afford, yet the hot, kink-filled nights keep coming.

When Mish’s stalker ups his game, David must make a choice—lover or bodyguard. He’d rather have Mish alive than in his bed. But Mish wants David, and no one, especially not a stalker, will force her to give him up.

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Book 3
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

By the end of this book, I had the biggest girl crush on Mish. I absolutely love this series and Mish’s book is easily my favourite book so far. A badass rock star, Mish is talented, confident, and charismatic. When Mish is injured by a stalker, the band hires a security guard and Mish is forced to exchange her privacy and autonomy for safety. Initially Mish fights against David and his protective measures, but the chemistry between these two is explosive and impossible to ignore.

David and Mish are beautifully matched. With his military background, David has his own skill set and his strengths complement Mish’s. I love the complexity of both characters. The stalker threat reveals previously unseen vulnerability in Mish and David has a few moments of vulnerability around his gender and size.

Like the first two books, this is a steamy, sexy read. Mish is uninhibited and the sex between her and David is crazy hot but also fun and playful at times. I love that this is a trans romance where David’s trans identity isn’t really a thing. Mish and David are hot together, the sex is creative and mutually satisfying – and free from any of the unnecessary angst or tedious educational moments that can completely ruin trans sex scenes.

I love the suspense element that Mish’s stalker brings to this book. It’s a creepy storyline and the escalating tension is brilliant. This is the most coherently structured book in the series and I think we see more of the band and their music than we do in the previous books. I’m really hoping this isn’t the end – this has become an absolute favourite series and I can’t wait for more from Anna Zabo.

This is the third book in the series, and possibly a new favourite of mine. Zabo is a very talented author and has a wonderful way of writing from inside the character which ensures that you see things from a totally original perspective. It is not preachy, educational, or stilted, it is about life and one person's view of it – very powerful.

Mish is the bass player for Twisted Wishes, and she is now surrounded by two very happy, newly formed couples in the band. Whilst they still all need her nurturing ways, they have also in a way moved into a new state of friendship. I loved how this was shown throughout the story. In fact, in this installment she is the one in danger, something that their previous experiences mean they take very seriously. Cue the arrival of security in the form of David – someone who trips all of Mish's switches, and we get to enjoy the ride. Super hot, but also super sweet, intense, and loving. Their relationship breaks a whole lot of David's rules, and he has deep worries about mixing business and pleasure.

I think what was so particularly awesome about this love story was the friendship between the two of them, the closeness of their minds and hearts. I loved it when they finally made it to the Karaoke bar, and how David revealed his voice – but just for her. So deserving of a hot, sweet and sexy partner, Mish may have found him at last in David.

We also, of course, get the goodness of the rest of the band, and how that fits in with the life that the members are making for themselves now free from the shackles of their previous manager, and headlining. It is great fun to go on tour with them and see them go from mentees to mentors. Adding Mish's voice to the mix is so beautifully written about, that I could hear the impact on their sound in my mind.

If you like rock band romances with a good edge, plenty of drama, but an underlying level of love, respect, and commitment, then start at book one and imbibe the goodness. I am hoping that this is not the end – we need more Twisted Wishes (repeated as a chant for an encore) please!

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Anna Zabo writes contemporary and paranormal romance for all colors of the rainbow. They live and work in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which isn’t nearly as boring as most people think.

Anna grew up in the wilds of suburban Philadelphia before returning to their ancestral homelands in Western Pennsylvania. As a child they were heartily disappointed to discover that they couldn’t grow up to be what they wanted (a boy, a cat, a dragon), so they settled on being themself whenever possible, which may be a combination of a boy, a cat, and a dragon. Or perhaps a girl, a knight, and a writer. Depends on whom you ask. They do have a penchant for colorful ties and may be hording a small collection of cufflinks. They can be easily plied with coffee.

Anna has an MFA in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University, where they fell in with a roving band of romance writers and never looked back. They also have a BA in Creative Writing from Carnegie Mellon University.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Reverb (Twisted Wishes #3) by Anna Zabo to read and review.

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