Thursday, February 7, 2019

Tigers on the Way by Sean Kennedy

Documentary producer Simon and ex-footballer Declan are taking some big steps toward a lasting life together. They’ve bought a house, and they’ll need it for the family they plan to start. Their friend, Nyssa, has made the generous offer to be their surrogate, and Declan couldn’t be more excited about the idea of a baby.

Simon knows fatherhood is a huge commitment, and though it’s daunting, he sees how much Dec wants it, and he’s sure that together, they can succeed in anything—despite the worries nagging at him.

But just as their new life is taking shape, a health scare disrupts their plans at the worst possible moment. With time running short, Simon and Dec will have to bare their fears and doubts to each other so they can face them before their world changes forever.

It might mean a literal leap of faith.

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Book 4
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

This is a sweet and slow book. It is the one where Simon and Declan grow up. When we met them in Tigerland, Simon and Declan were idiots and their relationship was full of unnecessary drama. After the second book, they were both somewhat likeable and in Micah’s books we’ve seen glimpses of them as actual adults. It was difficult for me to justify the settled domesticity in this fourth book with the men I first met in Tigerland, but I suppose I’ve also grown up in the last ten years.

This was an emotional read for me. I’m the same age as Simon and Declan and some of their milestones and life experiences hit a little too close to home in this one. The bumps in Simon and Declan’s Happily Ever After are way too familiar. Their career changes, illnesses, and fertility issues will be instantly recognisable to all thirty somethings. I like the way Simon and Declan have grown into their relationship over the past ten years. I like the fact that they can now communicate, and I enjoy the newfound tenderness between them. But I also miss the fire, the passion, and the mishaps from the Simon and Declan we knew in Tigerland.

My response to this book is mixed. It was a slow read and I found some of the domestic details a bit tedious. I’m not sure I want to read a story about my everyday life. I read romance for escape and a little bit of fantasy. This series started as a somewhat fantastical professional sports romance and now we’re reading about property purchases, hospital visits, and small children.

SEAN KENNEDY lives in Perth, Western Australia, but his heart still belongs to his hometown Melbourne—which is also the home of Simon Murray and Declan Tyler from his series Tigers and Devils. A disciple of cult leader David Lynch, Sean is breathlessly awaiting the revival of Twin Peaks in 2016.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Tigers on the Way (Tigers and Devils #4) by Sean Kennedy to read and review.

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