Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Hard Truths by Alex Whitehall

He can't have the family he wants, but he may get the love he deserves.

Isaac didn’t expect to find love at his family’s Christmas dinner, but that was before he met his sister’s new fake boyfriend. Tall, muscular, and tattooed, Logan is what Isaac would love in a partner—and also everything his parents would hate in one. Not that they know Isaac’s gay.

That doesn’t stop him from dating Logan—unbeknownst to his parents, and with his sister’s approval after she fake dumps him. The pair dive into a whirlwind romance of motorcycle rides, cheesy puns, and hot sex. They meet each other’s friends and fill their time with happiness and laughter. It’s all perfect.

Until Isaac suggests they move in together, and Logan asks Isaac to come out to his parents. Isaac wants to, but he’s scared; he doesn’t want to lose his family. Unfortunately, he can’t see that his real family has been right beside him all along.

Reader discretion advised.
This title contains the following sensitive themes: emotional abuse, explicit violence.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Isaac and Logan meet when Logan pretends to be dating Isaac’s sister at a family holiday meal. It’s a cute start to a sweet relationship. It’s an insta-love relationship. Isaac and Logan move from strangers to boyfriends within a week and the story tracks the first year in Logan and Isaac’s life together.

I have to admit that I found long stretches of this book pretty dull. Isaac and Logan both have big friend/family groups and there is a limit to the amount of hipster friendship drama I can tolerate. Not much happens until a very dramatic scene with Isaac’s parents near the end. I didn’t understand Isaac’s relationship with his parents from the start and the key scene felt a little bit too over the top to be believable.

Logan and Isaac are both nice guys – I just didn’t find either of them terribly memorable. For the most part, this is a very low-key romance and some readers will enjoy the ‘slice of life’ realism of the story. I felt a little bit old for this book and I’m guessing Millennial readers might relate better to some of the smaller dramas in the story.

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