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What's in a Name? by Pat Henshaw Audiobook Review

Barista Jimmy Patterson thinks it's a good idea to get rip-roaring drunk on his birthday after he’s dumped by his boyfriend. When the burly owner of Stonewall’s Saloon rescues Jimmy, the night starts to look up.

Now Jimmy just wants to know the bartender's first name since he's worn a different name tag every time Jimmy's seen him. "Guy" Stone gives Jimmy seven guesses, one for each night he takes Jimmy out on a date.

While Jimmy’s trying to come up with his name, he's distracted by the destruction of his coffee shop and what looks more and more like a hate crime.

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Length: 2 hrs, 49 mins
Narrator: David Ross

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Hmmmm… I’m at a loss as to how to review What’s in a Name? It’s not a great book and it’s not a bad book, it’s just kind of lackluster. It had moments of levity and of seriousness, but aside from the main characters’ real names, it’s not all that memorable. I think Pat Henshaw attempted to pack several plot points in the novella in an effort to keep the story moving and the reader engaged, however, they weren’t fleshed out enough for me to really connect with Jimmy and Guy (no, that’s not his real name… or is it?). As a huge fan of well-written novellas, I wanted to love this audiobook, but I just didn’t. I’m not sorry I listened to it, but it didn’t come close to meeting my expectations beyond a few particularly entertaining scenes.

Sadly, this is one of those times when the narration didn’t bolster the story either. This isn’t the first of David Ross’ narrative performances I’ve listened to, and despite thoroughly enjoying his previous work, he failed to draw me into the story and keep me there this time around. Yes, there were a couple of scenes that had me stopping what I was doing so I could give Jimmy and Guy my undivided attention, but they weren’t enough to suck me into the story on a whole. Granted, the story itself couldn’t keep my invested and engaged completely, so I’m not sure how much of my impression of Ross’ performance is on it and how much is on the story. While Ross did create easily identifiable voices for the main characters, I think his performance lacked the edge I would have expected in the more suspenseful scenes, causing the characters to come off as too laid back and uninterested in what was happening to them.

What’s in a Name? is one of those audiobooks that entertained me for few hours, without leaving me bemoaning the lost time. It’s an enjoyable story that had its moments, but it’s not one of those audiobooks that will be cued up again for repeated listens. With that said, I am looking forward to listening to Redesigning Max to learn more about Jimmy’s friend, Fredi, and to see if there’s a noticeable improvement in Henshaw’s writing and if Ross found his voice for the series. A girl can hope.

Pat Henshaw has spent her life surrounded by words: teaching English composition at the junior college level; writing book reviews for newspapers, magazines, and websites; helping students find information as a librarian; and promoting PBS television programs.

Now retired, Pat, author of the Foothills Pride Stories, was born and raised in Nebraska and promptly left the cold and snow after college, living at various times in Texas, Colorado, Northern Virginia, and now Sacramento, California. Pat has found joy in visiting Mexico, Canada, Europe, Nicaragua, Thailand, and Egypt, and relishes trips to Stowe, Vermont, to see family.

Two of her fondest memories include touching time when she put her hands on the pyramids and experiencing pure whimsy when she interviewed Caroll Spinney (Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch). Her triumphs are raising two incredible daughters who daily amaze her with their power and compassion. Her supportive husband keeps her grounded in reality when she threatens to drift away while writing fiction.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free audiobook copy of What's in a Name? (Foothills Pride #1) by Pat Henshaw, narrated by David Ross to listen to and review.

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