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Ace of Hearts by Chantal Fernando

The New York Times bestselling author of the “swoonworthy and addicting” (Kim Karr, New York Times bestselling author) Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club series is back with more bad boy bikers in this first novel in the Cursed Ravens Motorcycle Club series.

Erin Dawson had the perfect life growing up in a perfect home with a perfect family. Her parents gave her and her sister everything a child could want. But after learning that the man she’s called “dad” her whole life isn’t actually her biological father, Erin is determined to find the man who is.

Armed with her original birth certificate, she finds her father, but begins questioning if her mom had been right all along to keep this information buried. It turns out he is the president of a motorcycle club, which could not be further from the life Erin leads. But, she’s determined to get to know the man who she gets her striking blue eyes from. Despite getting what she wants and finding her biological father, it’s the slightly older, much rougher but incredibly sexy biker Ace that catches Erin’s eye.

As the new “princess” of the Cursed Ravens, Erin is learning a whole new world, but her father has made it clear she is off limits. Will Ace follow his President’s orders or will he put his heart ahead of his duty? A sizzling tale of family and passion, Ace of Hearts features Fernando’s signature “snark and sass” (Booklist) and is perfect for fans of Kristen Ashley.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Erin is 21 years old and just found out that her life is a lie, well most of it anyway. The man she has known as her father, isn't her father at all. And she is on the doorstep of the place where her dad lives, and she is not sure she should be here. Not only is there a loud party going on, but it is a motorcycle club to boot. So, she walks right in like she belongs and demands to see Gage. When one of the bikers grabs her like she might be there to cause damage, she is taken to him. She can't believe what she sees, he is in a room with a naked woman asleep behind him. And he can't believe what she is telling him.

Ace notices the innocent girl when she first walks in and wonders why she is here. When he finds out she is the club president's daughter, this princess is off limits. He is drawn to her and she isn't making it easy to stay away from her. Ace is tasked with keeping Erin safe, and the more they spend together the closer they become. Until she overhears a conversation between Gage and Ace that has her running back home.

Will Erin learn the truth about the conversation and forgive Gage and Ace? Who at the club is trying to get rid of Erin and why? Can Erin and Ace make a future together? Will she forgive her parents for the lie they kept from her most of her life?

This is a really good story that had me glued to my Kindle and turning the pages to find out what happened next. I can't believe this is a first for me from this author, but it will not be the last. I can't wait for more from this series.

New series and author for me and while the book was mildly entertaining, it was very formulaic and slightly immaturely written. I found the main character extremely cliché and with many illusions of grandeur. Erin embarks on a journey to find her real father after discovering her untainted birth certificate. Her father turns out to be the president of the motorcycle club, The Cursed Ravens. Erin enters the clubhouse full of bravado and instantly is loved by all the members. Except the women of the club who hate her, which results in a fight and an attempt on Erin's life. The treasurer falls in love with Erin in the biggest case of insta-love ever. I found it all a bit overdone and same old, same old. But, I didn't have to DNF (did not finish) and read the entire story, including the predictable epilogue. So all in all, I was entertained but not overly interested.

I was excited to read the first book in The Cursed Ravens MC. I thought the premise sounded interesting and wanted to learn all about the MC along with Erin, but that didn't really work the way I was hoping.

Erin is a 21-year-old girl who just found out that the father she's known and grown up with, isn't her biological dad. As any inquisitive child would do, she goes to meet her biological father! Erin acts much younger than her 21 years. She's a bit bratty and has very high expectations. Within two hours of showing up at the club, she has all but fallen in love with Ace, and demands her dad's attention. I'm just not a fan.

The main focus of the story is Erin and Ace, I was hoping for more background info on the MC itself. The guys went on "runs," but there was no mention of what they were really doing. Honestly, I felt like the members, with the exception of Rogue, really didn't have any personality.

I had a hard time getting into this story, the lack of emotion, the lack of chemistry just didn't do it for me. If you're looking for a romance story that has a motorcycle involved, this would be perfect. If you're looking for a gritty MC romance, I wouldn't recommend this.

This isn’t your typical MC romance and not in a great way. This was an okay read but I really felt that the main character was extremely immature, especially at the beginning of the book.

Erin Dawson was raised by her mother and the man she thought was her father, until she finds a birth certificate proving otherwise. Now she’s on a mission to find her birth father – which leads her to the door of the Cursed Ravens MC. From the moment she walks through the doors she can’t take her eyes of the handsome Ace and Ace is ready to have at her until she reveals who she is – the president’s daughter – which makes her officially off limits.

Once Erin meets her father, her immaturity begins to flourish – to me, Erin became very entitled after she finds out her father is the MC president and I just really didn’t much care for her character. I really like the story itself, it had an interesting plotline and a good pace – I just couldn’t really stand Erin. I love the MC guys, they’re interesting and I’m looking forward to them getting their own stories. I also really loved Erin’s best friend – enough that I almost wish Ace had wound up with her instead, lol.

Chantal Fernando is the New York Times bestselling author of the Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club series, the Cursed Raven Motorcycle Club series, and the Maybe series, along with several other novels. She lives in Western Australia, where she is working on her next book.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Ace of Hearts (The Cursed Ravens MC #1) by Chantal Fernando to read and review.

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