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Fangs and Catnip by Julia Talbot Audiobook Review

A romance worth fighting for—tooth and claw.

Solitary vampire Fallon Underwood gets all the social interaction he needs being the silent partner at the Dead and Breakfast B and B high in the Colorado mountains. Change is hard for Fallon, so when his business partner, Tanner, suggests hiring a new manager for the inn, he’s adamant that they don’t need help, especially not in the form of bouncy werecat Carter Hughes.

Carter is a happy-go-lucky kitty, and he loves the hospitality industry, so the D and B ought to be a great place for him. He falls for Fallon as soon as he picks up one of Fallon’s novels and begins to woo the vamp with gifts. When Fallon finally succumbs to Carter’s feline charms, the results are unexpected, to say the least. Their mating will have irreversible consequences—for their bodies and their hearts.

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Length: 6 hrs, 41 mins
Narrator: Dorian Bane

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Having enjoyed Julia Talbot’s Nose to Tail, Inc. series, I was excited for the opportunity to listen to Fangs and Catnip to find out how she’d help a grumpy vampire find happiness with a cat shifter. I’ll admit that when I first started listening, I got a tad confused as to who the players were and had to restart the book because I wasn’t sure where Tanner fit once I realized he wasn’t the love interest. That’s on me because I rarely re-read a book’s blurb right before I start it as I enjoy going in blind, with few expectations beyond those I have for authors whose writing I’m familiar with. After that little hiccup, I was good to go and quickly found myself immersed in life at the Dead and Breakfast Inn.

In addition to the actual romance and mating between Fallon and Carter, there are several things I enjoyed about Fangs and Catnip. The first being the sense of family that Tanner works to instill among his staff and for his guests. Tanner not only wants the guests to enjoy themselves, but he wants them to feel at home while staying at the D&B – going so far as to ask guests about not just their needs, but also their food and beverage preferences and stocking them before the guests arrive. He also goes above and beyond for at least one of his guests when he arranges for a doctor who specializes in supernatural creatures to consult with Tom, a bitten werewolf who was turned late in life. It’s Tanner’s need to help other supernaturals that makes it easy to understand why Fallon calls him friend and serves as a semi-silent partner in the D&B. Additionally, I loved the two different courtships that play out in the novel. Not only was it cute to watch Fallon fight against succumbing to Carter’s thoughtful gifts, the second courtship (I won’t say who was wooing who) was both delightful and heart bruising. Finally, I really, really liked that while there was a bit of possessiveness between Carter and Fallon due to their mating bond, it wasn’t so strong that either man felt the need for violence when another male was near their mate. That allowed Carter and Tom’s friendship to form and strengthen to the point that Tom played a pivotal role later in the book. It also meant there was no negative impact on the friendship and brotherly bond between Fallon and Tanner. In fact, Fallon’s yearning for bear cuddles with Tanner and having Carter join the pile was an “Awwww” and grin inducing moment.

As for the narration, I was a tad hesitant at first at the idea of Dorian Bane as a bouncy, cat shifter. This is because I’ve only had the opportunity to listen to Bane perform rough and tumble cowboys, which he does exceedingly well. As I’d listened to the audio sample, I knew at the very least, I would enjoy him as Fallon and Tanner. I shouldn’t have worried because Bane not only created a believable voice for the werekitty, but he also created enjoyable and entertaining voices for the rest of the cast – I particularly enjoyed the gravelly tone he gave the gargoyle shifter’s voice. I really loved how Bane made subtle changes in Fallon’s voice over the course of the story to show how our grumpy vamp found happiness, even if he had to take a detour down Heartbreak Lane first. I absolutely loved Talbot’s story and Bane’s narrative performance, and I'm looking forward to finding out who’ll be the next to find love at the Dead and Breakfast Inn.

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Julia Talbot loves romance across all the genders and genres, and loves to write about people working to see past the skin they're in to love what lies beneath. Julia Talbot lives in the great mountain and high desert Southwest, where there is hot and cold running rodeo, cowboys, and everything from meat and potatoes to the best Tex-Mex. A full time author, Julia has been published by Dreamspinner Press, Changeling Press, and others. She believes that everyone deserves a happy ending, so she writes about love without limits, where boys love boys, girls love girls, and boys and girls get together to get wild, especially when her crazy paranormal characters are involved.

She also writes BDSM and erotic romance as Minerva Howe.

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Dorian is a voice actor and audiobook narrator specializing in character voices.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free audiobook copy of Fangs and Catnip (Dead and Breakfast #1) by Julia Talbot, narrated by Dorian Bane to read or listen to and review.

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