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Good Girl by Erica Chilson

There aren’t many options for a girl who falls in the middle. I wasn’t an athlete or a geek. I wasn’t an artist or a musician. I didn’t shake my pom-poms along with my butt. I was just a good girl who got good grades and kept her mouth shut. I didn’t date my high school sweetheart and promptly get married the second I was handed my diploma. I’m not shiny enough to attract notice, nor dark enough to be a problem.

I don’t have a tragic sob story. My daddy didn’t leave us destitute, and I’m not a victim of a bad neighborhood. I am a middle-America, middle of the road, middle class girl with both parents fussing over their youngest daughter, who has no aspirations or goals. I’ve had every opportunity to succeed– supportive parents, stability, and a strong upbringing. I’m wayward, and everyone looks at me like I’m an alien.

My philosophy: how should I know what I want to do with the rest of my life the day I graduate? How am I supposed to know the second I turn eighteen what I’m destined to become? One moment you’re a disillusioned seventeen-year-old with the world at your fingertips– the next? Congratulations! You’re eighteen, and you’re on your own.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

This revised edition had more character depth, and the relationships were well cultivated. I love that ALL of Ms. Chilson's characters could be real people, with real flaws! I think that may be the reason she's my favorite author.

Willow's an 18-year-old girl whom drank a bit and used marijuana as a way to "fit in" while in school. As she's ceasing to use said substances, she's experiencing withdrawals and cravings for a good portion of the book. I can understand the craving for her familiar "method of escape" and the book is about her growing and maturing as an adult – and learning to cope with difficulties without substances. This was a VERY important theme in this story.

As Willow grows up, she becomes independent, and strong, and enlightened – Mature. Her journey of enlightenment is not easy to read. It's angsty, difficult at times, poignant at others, and overall very realistic.

I found myself very invested in this story, it was just like a soap opera! I really want to learn more about Auggie. He really disturbed me and the shadows of his past seem to overpower his personality. Actually, I want to learn more about ALL of these characters.

I'm a huge fan of Erica Chilson's M&M series. I had read the original edition of Good Girl, but this is a review of the new published version (February 2014).

This is a story of growing up, family, and addiction told from the point of view of 18-year-old Willow, who has addiction issues and large hang-ups about her tiny body and small breasts, and no idea what to do with her life. They day she turns 18, her life changes when her boss becomes more than just her boss and she starts to discover what has been going on around her while she spent her time high or drunk.

It is an amazing story that has you loving characters one minute and hating them the next. The characters are complex and the story leaves you hanging for the next book but there isn't a cliffhanger. The next book is from the point of view of different characters.

Warnings though: There are some (not much) BDSM themes. Also, a brother and sister see each other in sexual situations, but not in an enjoyable way, but I still found this hard to read. There is drug use in the books – only dope is described in any detail, mostly we get the results of the drug use rather than the use itself.

I always find that Chilson's books challenge me and Good Girl was no exception. Well worth getting over my own issues (drug use was hard for me to read) because the story is amazing – expect tears. The series will be comprised of 7 full-length novels and I'll be reading each and every one of them.

Ms. Chilson has done it again. She made what was a good book... fantastic!

If you have read the original version and think you don't need to read this one, let me tell you... YOU DO! So much as changed, much more depth to the characters, new storylines, and everything flows differently.

To watch Willow come into her own, to see her transformation, to watch her become the adult in most situations is quite impressive. The basis of the story, for me, is growing up/maturing and moving past your demons. Not to let someone that falls because of their faults and vices take you down with them. Finding your own way within your world, however small or large it may be. I loved turning the page to see Willow grow and change. I went from an Auggie fan to thinking I may love Ren a little when it’s all said and done.

Could not put it down!! A must read! Add it to your TBR!

Cannot wait to see what's next from Ms. Chilson!

Can I not just say that was a brilliant, brilliant read?

I refuse to rehash stories and spoil anything for the next reader of a book – you will have to trust my judgement and take the plunge. And this is no ordinary dive into a swimming pool – this is like throwing yourself off the Titanic – but into much, much hotter water.

Erica Chilson is a genius writer. How she can make you literally salivate at the next page, the next unfolding of a plot, the next bit of craziness, and yet, at the same time, create huge feelings of empathy for character after character, until you question your own being... is truly brain blowing

Do yourself a big favour – charge your Kindle, get the book, and disappear somewhere for a good few hours. My hiding place was a six-hour ferry journey in a gale across the English Channel, yet all I could think about was Willow.

Erica Chilson does not write in the 3rd person, wanting her readers to be her characters. Therefore, writing a bio about herself, is uncomfortable in the extreme.

Born, raised, and here to stay, the Wicked Writer is a stump-jumper, a ridge-runner. Hailing from North Central Pennsylvania, directly on the New York State border; she loves the changes in seasons, the humid air, all the mountainous forest, and the gloomy atmosphere.

Introverted, but not socially awkward, Erica prides herself on thinking first and filtering her speech. There are days she doesn’t speak at all. If it wasn’t for the fact that she lives with her parents, giving her a sense of reality, she would be a hermit, where the delivery man finds her months after expiration.

Reading was an escape, a way to leave a not-so pleasant reality behind. Reading lent Erica the courage she gathered from the characters between the pages to long for a different life. Writing was an instrument of change, evolving Erica into the woman she is today- a better, more mature, more at peace thinker.

Erica has a wicked mind, one she pours out into her creations. Her filter doesn’t allow all of it to erupt, much to her relief. Sarcastic, with a very dark, perverse sense of humor, Erica puts a bit of herself into every character she writes.

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