Tuesday, August 8, 2017

A Touch of Frost by L.A. Kennedy

Domination, obsession, possession—where the all-powerful Frost comes toe to toe with Juliet Sinclair, a submissive to no one, until her first touch of Frost.

After a chancy one-night stand, Juliet Sinclair runs into Mr. Tall-Dark-Handsome, the only man to make her contemplate true submission—Roman Frost, CEO of Frost Industries, alpha billionaire playboy and her new boss. There is no question that the chemistry between Frost and Jules is sinfully alluring, but being together will risk everything they both have fought so hard to build.

Frost, a controlling megalomaniac, can’t get enough of the only woman who has said ‘no’ to him. Jules, a hopeless romantic, wants to be consumed by love until she stands too close to the fire of Frost. The two of them together are chaos, but the two of them apart are emotional mayhem. Fighting their own inner demons, they launch themselves into the all-consuming cat-and-mouse game of love. Yearning for something more, Jules willingly steps into the belly of the beast, driven by a touch of Frost.

Reader Advisory: This book contains anal play, wax play and a scene of extreme sadomasochism.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Mary Jo☆☆☆☆
This dark and twisty read was just what I was in the mood for, even if I didn't know it at the time.

The author does a great job of putting the reader in tune with Frost and Jules’ emotions and, in time, the reasons why they do the things they do.

There are a lot of different elements in this book and I don't think either Frost or Jules are true submissives. Two dominants in a mutually beneficial relationship are a rare and wondrous thing and the author wrote it beautifully.

Avid Reader☆☆☆☆
3.5 stars
M/F Power struggle, BDSM

This is not your typical BDSM story. There is not a true submissive in this story. We are given two very dominant personalities.

Roman is, at least for me, not a likeable character. He was bossy, mean, demeaning, and downright rude at times. He has never truly had to try with anyone and why Juliet draws him in, I still don't quite understand.

Juliet is dominant, but I'm not quite sure I understand why she's like that. I understand that with her job and having a very strong mother, she may feel the need to "live up" to a standard. However, when she meets Roman, she becomes almost a different character.

I had a difficult time merging these two in the story. While their chemistry was hot and cold, with the mood swings to match, I did feel that they somehow, complemented each other.

Kennedy did a great job of developing the story in a way that not only showed that both were willing to compromise when it came to their dominant tendencies, but also how being in love can change how you feel about giving control to someone else.

Overall, this is a very short read and has a satisfactory conclusion.

L.A. Kennedy, beyond the story…

L.A. Kennedy is a Canadian born writer, living in the ever-growing city of Vancouver, Canada. Here, she spends her days getting lost in the beauty of reading and writing. L.A. Kennedy mainly writes fictional books. And can be found researching myth, folklore, and everything in between, with a special interest in edge-of-your-seat paranormal romance. L.A. Kennedy can be found behind a mountain of books, on any given Sunday.

L.A. Kennedy’s writing credits include two hit series that mix mystery, horror, paranormal romance, fantasy, and intrigue.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of A Touch of Frost by L.A. Kennedy to read and review.

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