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Donna by V.C. Andrews

Book Two of the Girls of Spindrift. From the New York Times bestselling author of the Flowers in the Attic and My Sweet Audrina series, now Lifetime movies, continues a haunting new series featuring highly intelligent teenage girls who struggle to survive a specialized high school and find their place in a world that doesn’t understand them.

Such is the burden of being brilliant.

Being gifted is not something Donna ever wanted. It’s difficult enough to have a Latino father and Irish mother, and her genius only separates her even more from the other girls. They don’t say it, but they blame her for everything that goes wrong, just because she’s different.

And on the precise day she tries her hardest to fit in, everything turns out a disaster. A fight breaks out, and somehow Donna ends up in the middle. It’s not her fault, but it’s her word against theirs, and this time, the other girls aren’t going to stay quiet. The only solution might be to escape to the mysterious school her counselor is telling her about: Spindrift.

The four Girls of Spindrift novellas together form a prequel for Bittersweet Dreams—available now!

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

5 Gimme More stars

Reading Donna on the heels of Corliss added to the overall experience. Donna's introduction flowed more smoothly with the added information from the first serial in the prequels.

Donna is other. That's the only way to describe it. Her mind works so differently than what society calls the norm, that there is no gauge of understanding. Legally obligated to go to school, Donna does independent study all day in a private room in the library, in what used to be the in-school suspension room (from what I gathered). She is more removed from her peers than Corliss was in this regard, as she goes all day without interacting with anyone.

Added to her otherness is the fact that she is mixed heritage – a Latina with an Irish mother. Not only is she fighting the fact that she doesn't have the foundation most teenagers do with their peer group – friends and classmates – she's not enough of either heritage to fit in, and is bullied because of it. Donna's classmates think she feels above them, but she doesn't. Her intelligence is a cross she bears – a curse.

Donna has a friend/savior/guy who wants to date her. He's sweet and genuine, and I felt the emotions Donna portrayed realistic and not at all forced in so few pages. But, for Donna, there is a war waging between her mind and her heart. With an intellect so powerful, emotions confuse the teenage girl. Emotions aren't rational. Love can't be measured. In this prequel, that was a powerful message.

Life changes quickly in the blink of an eye, and this is no different for Donna. I was pleased that the reader was able to visit Spindrift for a few pages, as well as see Corliss there.

At the end, the overall emotion I am feeling is gimme more. But the other two serials aren't available, and it's going to take all of my self-restraint not to purchase Bittersweet Dreams, which is the full-length novel these four prequels are based upon. I will be patient. I will wait. I will read the prequels first for optimum reading fulfillment. Maybe.

Young Adult Age-Range: 12+ Kissing and violence.

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One of the most popular authors of all time, V.C. Andrews has been a bestselling phenomenon since the publication of the spellbinding classic Flowers in the Attic. That blockbuster novel began the renowned Dollanganger family saga, which includes Petals on the Wind, If There Be Thorns, Seeds of Yesterday, and Garden of Shadows. Since then, readers have been captivated by more than sixty novels in nearly twenty bestselling series. V.C. Andrews’s novels have sold more than 106 million copies and have been translated into twenty-two foreign languages.

Sadly, V.C. passed away in 1986. She left several unfinished manuscripts and outlines that were completed by Andrew Neiderman.

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