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Finding Home by Meg Harding Blog Tour

Jaden Matthews has never known his father or his father's family, but he's about to get a crash course on having siblings. With the recent passing of his grandmother, he's discovered he has three half-brothers and part ownership of a gym. In Serenity, Florida. His life in New York has hit a rocky road, so maybe this is the vacation he needs to get things back on track.

Chase Michaels lost his future in a car crash almost ten years ago, and he's made a new one for himself in Serenity. One that doesn't include getting emotionally involved with people who are just passing through. But Jaden makes his common sense flee and his gut react. He's got one month with the man who made him believe in taking a chance.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Meg Harding is a new-to-me author – one I'll be sure to read in the future. I was immediately drawn into the story from the first page, enjoying Jaden's narration, then Chase's. My only complaint was *till* used so often in place of until. I know this is a big debate: till vs 'til vs until, but it felt off using till in the body of the book instead of simply in dialogue as a more laid-back form of speech. It kept tugging me out of the book for some reason, when I'd never notice if an 'until' was used in till's place.

Jaden is coming 'home' to Florida, after being raised in NYC by his mother, because his paternal grandmother passed away, leaving a home and business to Jaden and his three brothers – brothers he's never met. Their father is a wanderer, seeding the earth, and those children found their way to the grandmother.

Whether MM or MF, I'd love to read more from Jaden's brothers.

In the midst of a divorce, Jaden and his large pup are eager to get out of the city to clear his head.

Chase worked for Jaden's grandmother – now Jaden and his brothers – and is the best friend to the brothers. He has his own crosses to bear.

Tension, chemistry, and a meeting of the minds, Jaden and Chase are an enjoyable pair of characters to spend a few hours inside their heads. The reader is thrust on a journey as both find their own way to happiness, no longer living up to others' expectations.

Be selfish isn't always a negative. We only have one life to live, and we should live it instead of merely being the passenger to more controlling family members.

I highly recommend to fans of MM romance, and I am looking forward to reading more by this author in the future.

I just loved this book. I didn't want it to end. I really hope the other brothers get their own books. Jaden is going through a divorce and finds out his long-lost grandma has died and he has half-brothers. On his way to meet his half-brothers, his car runs out of gas and he meets Chase, who offers to help him. Chase is friends with Jaden's brothers and is instantly attracted to Jaden, not even knowing if he is gay or not. Jaden is so out of his element. At times, Jaden seems almost childlike in some respects. Jaden's brothers are super sweet and really want to get to know him. I fell in love with every character in this book and I couldn't put the book down. Sweet love story with a wonderful dog thrown in the mix and a cat too. If the author wasn't thinking about making books for the brothers, I really wish she would. Phoenix first please. 🙂

This is a sweet and thoughtful romance. It is a story as much about family, identity, and life choices as it is a romance. After losing his job and getting divorced, Jaden travels to rural Florida from NYC to sort out his grandmother’s estate with his half-brothers. Broken and lonely, Jaden expects to sort out his inheritance quickly and return to the city. Instead, he finds himself attracted to the friendship offered by his brothers, the warmth of their small town – and to Chase, his brothers’ attractive, yoga teacher friend.

I actually like the way the author spends more time tracking Jaden’s personal growth than she does building the relationship between Chase and Jaden. There are plenty of sexy moments but it is Jaden’s quietly readjusting priorities, his newfound sense of identity, belonging, and family that I found really moving.

But the romance is sweet and often steamy. Chase has suffered his own setbacks but when he meets Jaden, he is solid in himself and confident in his life. He brings balance to Jaden as he grows and I enjoyed the lack of relationship angst here. Jaden has enough angst in his life - he needs Chase’s serenity.

Jaden’s brothers are fascinating and I’d love to read more about each of them (especially Phoenix and his animal sanctuary). I loved their quirky small town and the legacy Jaden’s grandmother left behind.

4.5 stars of deliciously sweet hotness

I really enjoyed this read. It is an original story, with some lovely characters and a level of acceptance and family that has me wanting to visit Serenity for myself. I guess with a town with such a name it is hardly surprising, but it’s only through subtle and simple examples that we get to understand just what a great place this is. Jaden's half-brothers are a fascinating mix of caring and accepting. Jaden has never had such friendship, or the opportunity to be himself – something that Chase catches onto early and makes it his mission to achieve.

There are lots of little touches of brilliance that make this such an enjoyable read, from a Great Dane to a dumpster kitten, a drunken art class, a beach vigil for baby tortoises, and a little black book full of addresses for the brothers' errant father. Everything adds together to make a super read. Thank you, Ms. Harding.

MEG HARDING is a graduate of UCF and is completing a master’s program for publishing in the UK. For as long as she can remember, writing has always been her passion, but she had an inability to ever actually finish anything. She’s immensely happy that her inability has fled and looks forward to where her mind will take her next. She’s a sucker for happy endings, the beach, and superheroes. In her dream life, she owns a wildlife conservation and is surrounded by puppies. She’s a film buff, voracious reader, and a massive geek.

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