Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Stud by Jamie K. Schmidt

Large. Hot. With a pump of sexual tension.

When the barista next door teams up with a slick ad executive in this sweet standalone novel from USA Today bestselling author Jamie K. Schmidt, they both get a taste of unexpected love.

Terri Cooke wishes she could give Mick Wentworth a piece of her mind. The infuriating stud muffin walks into her coffee shop every morning expecting his regular order at 8:57 on the dot, without ever acknowledging Terri’s presence—except for staring at her cleavage. And yet she can’t deny that Mick Wentworth has an animal magnetism that’s stronger and richer than any espresso... which explains why Terri says yes when he suddenly, inexplicably asks her out.

After the morning coffee run, Mick’s day is all downhill from there. His family’s marketing firm is dysfunctional in more ways than one, so to save the business, Mick desperately needs to impress their newest client. When he learns that Terri’s a fan of their trendy product, he tries to get inside her head. It doesn’t hurt that she’s the barista he’s been lusting after for the past five months. But as things heat up with Terri, Mick finds that a little steam is just the jolt he needs to turn his whole life around.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Terri Cooke is not living her dream. She was until both her parents died in an accident and now her brother has a disease that is taking his mobility away. So she had to quit her dream job to work part time jobs so she could take him to his appointments. While working at the local coffee shop, she gets the pleasure of waiting on Mister High & Mighty. He is a snob, doesn't talk and looks like a Greek god. Terri doesn't know why her boss falls all over herself just to wait on him. He comes into the shop for his prissy coffee and just walks out.

Mick Wentworth isn't thinking about anything except saving his family’s company. But it's not what you think, it is his own family trying to destroy what he loves. He does notice the barista behind the counter at the coffee shop but he doesn't have time for a relationship with her.

When Mick has to get the coffee shop to cater a breakfast meeting for a new client, Terri is the one he has to set it up with. And he wants to impress the client and for Terri to impress him. What happens is that Terri impresses the client because she knows all about the computer game because she and her brother are players. She has such good ideas that the client thinks she is an employee at Wentworth Agency and Mick has to hire her or lose the client, which happens to be his biggest account.

Can Mick keep his hands to his self while they finish the ad account? Will Terri be able to make the account happy and keep Mick interested in her?

I really liked this story and hope there will be more even though this is a standalone, maybe one from Terri's brother, who knows. This is a first for me from this author and I look forward to reading more from her.

I really enjoyed this book – pretty crazy story on Mick's side, pretty intense on Terri's, but overall a good read.

Can I be honest... what I loved most of all was the secret meaning of the Stud. It was delicious, and possibly not everyone got it, but I love thinking about the title and how it works, and in this case, it was a beautiful meaning in a book full of madcap.

There were plenty of inappropriately located scenes, plenty of sweet and soulful moments, a touch of nerdy game playing, a fair degree of drama, but actually led by a fun pair who are perfectly matched. We get to know both sides of the story, and enjoy the banter, and hope that Terri gets both the support that she needs and the love that she deserves.

Fun, mad, sexy, and sweet – perfect mix! Thank you, Ms. Schmidt.

USA Today bestselling author Jamie K. Schmidt has published more than thirty short stories in small-press journals and e-zines. She’s an active member in the Romance Writers of America. When not writing, she relaxes with a mug of hot tea and knits or makes beaded jewelry.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Stud by Jamie K. Schmidt to read and review.

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