Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Shards in the Sun by Trina Lane

The heart of Texas beats strong, fueled by the love between two men whose lives are interwoven like the long grass of the hill country they call home.

Brandon Blackstun has spent the last decade moving on from the hellish halls of high school. With an invitation to his reunion in hand, he plans to show his former classmates that not only did the repeated occurrences of being slammed into lockers not cause brain damage, but he’s now a successful cover artist for the very books they buy off the shelves.

Tyler Synder was determined not to follow in his father’s footsteps as head of the international corporation that bears the family name. Instead, his heart is tied to the beat of his horses’ thundering hooves. He operates a breeding program for Tennessee Walkers and a guest ranch a couple of hours from the urban luxury of Dallas where he was raised.

The two men might live very different lives, but the heat between them is hotter than any Texas sun. With the help—or meddling—of an unlikely pair of friends, the two explore a relationship that stirs something deep inside them. Distance and misunderstandings force Tyler and Brandon to consider whether the fulfillment they’ve experienced in each other’s arms is worth the sacrifice of the lives they’ve built individually.

Texas may be the second biggest state in the union, but is it large enough to embrace the love between these two men, or will their deeply hidden fears shatter the boundaries of their hearts?

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

3.5 stars

I loved the characters in this story and the premise is great. Tyler’s family is a modern Dallas dynasty and he is the black sheep, determined to make his own way in the world. Quiet cover artist/librarian Tyler is an unlikely match for Texan royalty, but the connection between these two is very sweet.

Travis’ ranch is wonderful. I loved the setting and the characters. Similarly, Brandon’s struggle to secure a full-time job as a cover artist is inspiring and I loved the relationship he has with his best friend, Jessenia. The scenes where Travis shares his world with Brandon are some of the best in the book and I loved the horses. I didn’t fully understand Brandon’s reservations about moving to the ranch. After years spent fantasizing about a cowboy boyfriend, the man doesn’t want to live on a ranch?

While I loved both of these men and their dreams, I struggled with the rambling plot. After the halfway point, the plot felt quite disjointed. By the end of the book, I had lost all sense of the timeline. At a point in the story that I thought Brandon and Tyler had been seeing each other for a few months, there was a sudden mention of years, which made Brandon’s fear of commitment seem quite odd. A crime element is added to the very last pages of this story and it ends with a sort-of cliffhanger about a secondary character that I wasn’t quite prepared for. I finished this book feeling like it still needed some editorial help to create a whole coherent story.

If you look up the word conundrum in the dictionary, there should be a photo of Trina Lane. Her personality is so multifaceted that her friends have spent countless hours scratching their heads in wonder. A scientist with a passion for history, music and photography she loves to travel and experience new places but is terminally shy around people she doesn't know.

Trina has been devouring romance novels since her tender teenage years, although only began writing in 2007. When her debut novel was met with resounding success, she said "Hey I can do that again". The rest as they say is history.

Her choices in reading and writing material are as diverse as her iTunes library, which contains music from Mozart to Metallica. Her one concession is all stories must have a happily ever after ending-did we mention she's incurably romantic?

She lives in Missouri with her loving and indulgent husband, and orange tabby cat—affectionately referred to as 'Houdini' for his stealthy escape attempts.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Shards in the Sun (The Heart of Texas #1) by Trina Lane to read and review.

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