Tuesday, February 21, 2017

An Intimate Friendship by Rosalie Stanton

A simple request. A single night. A relationship changed forever.

For Walker, embracing his nature as a Dominant was not easy, especially since it jeopardized his relationship with his best friend, Sasha. Though years have passed, he has not quite gotten over her initial rejection. His club, Escapade, is his solace—the one place where he can comfortably be himself.

The night Sasha went to Escapade to finalize a business partnership, she saw things that sparked in her a bone-deep hunger. Now Sasha believes she might be a sexual submissive, but she needs to know for certain before she embraces the lifestyle. And there is only one man she trusts to tie her up.

Walker has spent the past ten years trying to bury his feelings for Sasha, believing she could never fully accept him. When she asks him to be her guide in exploring his world, though, everything changes. He knows he can’t say no, but he goes in with reservations. She could reject him all over again in a way it would be impossible to recover from.

And if she doesn’t reject him, Walker knows a single night will never be enough.

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes involving DIY sex toys and zippers.

Publisher's Note: This book has previously been released as part of the
His Domain anthology with Totally Bound Publishing.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Sasha and Walker have been friends for a long time. Back in college, Sasha happened upon something about Walker she would have never imagined, her best friend is into BDSM and giving women pain. Sasha can’t believe she never knew this about her best friend. She worries that Walker is possibly dangerous and this, of course, makes their friendship suffer. Walker can’t believe she couldn't trust him, of course he'd never really hurt her! The two remain friends after college, Sasha now does some marketing for Walker’s BDSM club. While bringing him some paperwork, Sasha accidentally witnesses some couples in the main play area and can’t believe her eyes or how turned on she is by what she sees. After researching the lifestyle and her own submissive feelings, Sasha decides to ask Walker to give her one night as her dom. She wants him to show her the lifestyle she long persecuted him for but now finds quite intriguing. Walker can’t turn her down, he's dreamed of this moment forever. Their one night in his dungeon starts out awesomely steamy but then takes a bit of a turn for me. Walker decides to call Sasha out about her judging him all those years ago while mid-scene. If this were me, bound up for my first time being dominated and my dom decided to bring up some old hurt from years ago... I'd dry up like a prune and scream my safe word. Sasha doesn't do any of that, and while things proceed nicely for them in the story, I had trouble reconciling the reactions in my own head with Sasha's.

The story ends quite nicely once these old hurt feelings are resolved, so it all works out in the end.

A short novella but heavy on emotion, I did overall enjoy the story.

Avid Reader☆☆☆
M/F BDSM Romance, friends to lovers

This is a friends to lovers story. I think that it's a good story – there was plenty of background, good dynamic between the two, and there was decent chemistry.

I think where I hit a speed bump was that it seemed that despite both of them having this strong attraction for years, they never talked about it. There was a serious lack of communication in this story and it was frustrating to watch.

Sasha is a fairly self-reliant person. She knows what she wants and just kind of jumps in and goes for it. But she didn't always know and because of that, she hurt the one person in her life that has really been her constant – Walker. Now that she has come to terms with what she wants and sees what Walker can offer her, she is committed with every fiber of her being.

Walker is described as one of those guys who can brood. It seems that he has been brooding over Sasha's initial reaction to his kink for years – the don't ask, don't tell aspect of their relationship seemed immature. Very un-dom like. I guess it makes some sense, in that he was trying to not dominate Sasha, but he never hid his kink from her, they just didn't talk about it.

Overall, this was a sweet story about friends who finally get it together – they finally have the conversation that would allow them to really develop love and the deep and meaningful relationship that they both have always wanted. How they got there was somewhat roundabout and the actual sex was just okay for me.

Rosalie Stanton is an award winning erotic romance author in the paranormal and contemporary genres. A lifelong enthusiast of larger than life characters, Rosalie enjoys building worlds filled with strong heroes and heroines of all backgrounds.

Rosalie lives in Missouri with her husband. At an early age, she discovered a talent for creating worlds, which evolved into a love of words and storytelling. Rosalie graduated with a degree in English. As the granddaughter of an evangelical minister, Rosalie applied herself equally in school in the creative writing and religious studies departments, which had an interesting impact on her writing. When her attention is not engaged by writing or editing, she enjoys spending time with close friends and family.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of An Intimate Friendship by Rosalie Stanton to read and review.

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