Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Worst Best Man by M.J. O'Shea

It was her special day... but his worst nightmare.

A rekindled romance wasn’t part of the plan.

Despite his American background, August O’Leary is the most sought-after wedding planner in London. Naturally, Libby and Edward come to him for a wedding the city will never forget. But Edward is an international businessman, so the details are left to Libby and her best friend—who happens to be the love of August’s life and the one who broke his heart eight years ago: Christopher Burke.

How’s August supposed to pull off the event of the year with Christopher distracting him and old feelings crashing the party uninvited?

Christopher has let money and status dictate his life, but no more. His failure to stand up to others’ expectations cost him his future with August—one he hoped would include marriage. Now he has to face August’s hurt and anger and prove he’s still the best man to make August happy.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

The Dreamspun Desires books are such wonderful guilty pleasures! And they don’t get much better than this one. A successful event planner is thrown back together with the man he fell in love with at Oxford. And that man just happens to be a wealthy, slightly socially awkward aristocrat torn between his true love and parental expectations. Aww.

August is a brilliant leading man. Ten years after Christopher ditched him, he has become strong and confident. His friendship with his best friend and work partner, Will, is wonderful. I love their sibling-like connection and their devotion to each other.

Christopher takes longer to like, although his attachment to his best friend, Libby, allows readers to see his loyalty and kindness. Gorgeous, rich, nice guy aside, Christopher just keeps making relationship mistakes that only a saint could forgive. I liked Christopher, but I’m still not sure I’d date him.

I’m impressed with the American author’s ability to capture the spirit of both August’s London office and Christopher’s stately home. Christopher feels slightly dated, but his Toff friends are all too familiar. An Oxbridge education would usually go some way toward smoothing over upper class reservations about an American son-in-law, so I wasn’t entirely convinced by the central conflict of the story – but this is a Dreamspun Desires story, and it makes no claims of realism.

The ending was a little bit disappointing for me. I still can’t believe that uber professional August would have initiated conflict at a wedding he’d organised. Christopher’s behaviour was more than a little wet for the last part of the book – and he really didn’t come across as the fairytale prince I needed him to be. Overall, I enjoyed this story but I needed a bit more of a fantasy ending.

This is an interesting book to write a review for. I didn't struggle to read this and I thought it was written with skill. It didn't feel like it was a "dime-a-dozen" amateur written book. I enjoyed that the couple was from two different places as I and my husband are from England and the USA as well. The references weren't way off or dragging me from the story like so many others I have read have done. I definitely enjoyed the characters and romance. Overall, it was a nice read for me.

M.J. O’SHEA has never met a music festival, paintbrush, or flower crown she can stay away from. She loves rainstorms and a perfect cup of tea, beach days, music, bright colors, and more than anything a cozy evening with a really great book.

She is from the Pacific Northwest. While she lives there still and loves it, M.J. has the heart of a wanderer. So she puts all her dreams of far-off places and extraordinary people in her books.

Except for every once in a while when she does what all travelers have to do on occasion… come home.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of The Worst Best Man by M.J. O'Shea to read and review.

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