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Second Chances by Garnell Wallace

What do you get when you take three modern alpha females and send them back in time to three alpha males, each of whom believes a woman’s place is across his knees?

You get three explosive erotic romance short stories filled with mystery, sex spiced with spanking, and love between three jaded couples who do not believe in love, much less love that can transcend time and all their fears.

Our first cynical pair is Rio and Daiki. Rio is the ultimate alpha female, a MMA fighter and top stunt woman who crumbles when she receives a Dear Jane letter from her boyfriend. Desperately needing more of an explanation, she accepts an offer from a water fairy to go back in time and find answers. As she travels further down the rabbit hole to 1940’s Japan, she meets Daiki, a powerful business man who thinks she’s a Chinese spy, and he’s willing to punish her to get to the truth. But how could Rio tell him the truth when she knows he would never believe her?

Next are Katherine and Maxwell. Katherine is climbing up in the publishing world in New York City, but her perfect little world comes crashing down when her boyfriend proposes and she has to admit there is no passion between them. She flees to an old house in New Orleans to make a decision and stumbles upon a secret door, which when opened, takes her back to the 19th century and a man who inspires unbridled passion in her; he’s just a chauvinist pig. When she learns the truth behind Maxwell’s brashness, Katherine discovers that love can run even deeper and truer than passion.


Giovanna and Jacob's love story unfolds in 1950’s Georgia. Giovanna is a pilot with a string of lovers. She has no desire for love, so it is befitting she goes back in time to become a mail order bride. Jacob is a cowboy who wants a wife who can cook and clean, and the last thing Giovanna wants to be is a fifties housewife. She has disdain for a man who would order a woman from a catalog, but she soon learns that she’d been more than a pretty face next to a profile, and a budding romance which had ended in tragedy, was now given a second chance to blossom.

Second Chances is the first installment in the Taboo Time Travel Series and features three couples who are given second chances at love so strong, not even death could not stop it.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

This book has three short stories and all of them are about second chance romances by way of time travel. I love a good time travel story and this book gives you three. I really enjoyed them all.

First is Rio, she is an independent woman, MMA fighter, and a stunt woman in movies. When she gets the news from her boyfriend that their relationship is over. All he can tell her is "that it is him, not her.' So she goes to the one place that will help her to find the truth in her relationship and heal her soul. She accepts help from the water fairy to go back in time to find the answers she is looking for. But she finds Daiki and where does he fit into her life? What is the real reason her ex-boyfriend left her? What really happened with her parents and her grandparents?

Next is Katherine, she is an independent woman, owns her own publishing business and is a writer. When her boyfriend of seven years pops the questions, she tells him no. She loves him but not that way, she loves him as a brother. So when he tells her to take a month before she gives him his answer, she takes off for New Orleans and stays at Magnolia House. A Southern Plantation home with all the stately manner of years gone by. She is left alone in the three story home and while wandering on her own one day, she finds a locked door and then finds the key. When she opens the door and bright light blinds her, and when she wakes up she is in another century. There she meets Maxwell, he is all male and a chauvinist pig. But the passion sizzling between them cannot be denied. You won't believe who Katherine really is. This one was by far my favorite.

And last is Gio, she is a strong independent woman, and a pilot, she has several lovers but doesn't believe in love. While flying from Miami to the Bahamas one day, she gets caught in the Bermuda Triangle and ends up in Georgia in the 1950s as Isabella, a mail order bride for Jacob. While Jacob needs a wife to cook and clean, Gio isn't gonna let that happen, she is from the 21st century after all. Can she tell Jacob the truth about where (or when) she is from without him thinking she has lost her mind? Can they deny the passion between them?

Garnell Wallace lives in the Bahamas on a tiny little island pirates Blackbeard and Calico Jack once called home. Sitting at the tip of the Caribbean, a region steeped in romantic ideals, the Bahamas continues to lure those in search of their own treasure. Though the reality of any place is always more complex than the usual touristic jargon, it is still easy for her to find the magic of a laid back island lifestyle when sitting on a white sand beach with her laptop and characters. She loves using the rich, exotic cultures of the many countries which comprise her little piece of paradise in her stories and venturing to new places around the world. She often writes about the shades of gray between people, creed and cultures in an effort to find the human experiences common to us all. She loves mixing passion and the paranormal, erotica with empowerment. She has been published in various paranormal and erotic anthologies including Making the Hook-up and Obsessed both from Cleis Press.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Second Chances (Taboo Time Travel #1) by Garnell Wallace to read and review.

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