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Maybe Yes by Ella Miles

Her future is already set, all she has to do is marry a complete stranger.

Kinsley Felton has everything. Money, a loving family, and a modeling career. She graduates from Yale in just days, but unlike a typical college student she doesn't have to spend hours looking for a job when she graduates. Kinsley will inherit the multi-billion dollar gaming and hospitality company her great-grandfather started. The only problem is she has to do everything her family asks for in order to get that money. That includes marrying a man of her family's choosing. That's not a problem since Kinsley has been following her family's orders all her life. Until a phone call from her grandfather changes everything.

Will she marry the man her family chooses or will she decide her own future?

**Maybe Series is a 3 book series. The series is a little bit dirty and grows darker with each book. This book ends on a cliffhanger.***

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

I read the entire Aligned series by Ella Miles and enjoyed the story very much. When this book came up for free and review I grabbed it up. BUT, I found Kinsley's character a bit lackluster and overly wishy washy from the get go. I hoped by mid-book she'd do something more redeeming than deciding to run her family's casino without any prior business experience, but, nope. Talk about setting yourself up for failure. While Kinsley has a real mind for numbers, which includes counting cards at a blackjack table, I never felt she had the ability to run the family casino. I think that's where the story went south for me. She needed to show her skills sooner or show us something redeemable other than her inability to even choose an alcoholic beverage! Killian was an interesting character though, and he alone kept me reading where I was ready to stop. He was a great dominant male with lovely dirty talking skills. The end, like the last four books I've read by Miles, was quite a twisty cliffhanger! But while I had to know what happened next in the Aligned series, I really am not feeling the need in the Maybe series. Kinsley was just too vapid and indecisive.

Kinsley Felton is 21 years old and about to graduate from college. She is the daughter of the Felton family who own several casinos in Vegas, so you could say she is a princess. And at times, she acts like a spoiled princess. She can never make up her mind and if she does, it takes her a long time. When tragedy strikes, she has to go home and there she learns just what her father and grandfather had planned for her life.

Killian Browne is the VP of Operations, worked closely with Kinsley's father at one of the casinos and he wants to be CEO. But the deal he and Kinsley have to agree to is a big one. Will they both accept it or will they fight each other to the end?

And holy hell, I was not expecting that ending at all. I can't wait to start the next one.

This is the story of a spoiled, filthy rich model and heiress who just never stops whining. Beautiful, privileged and completely indecisive, this girl wakes up at the age of 21 and decides she isn’t quite sure she likes the life she has allowed her family to create for her.

I usually enjoy arranged marriage or marriage of convenience stories, but I really couldn’t bring myself to like the characters in this one. There just isn’t enough believable conflict for most of this story. Killian is blandly perfect, which makes him less than interesting and only serves to emphasise Kinsley’s princess attitude. Supporting characters are sketched in and Kinsley’s magic business skills really aren’t believable.

I am never a fan of cliffhanger stories and this one is really strange. At the end of this incredibly insipid, old-school romance, a wildcard cliffhanger twists the series into some sort of mafia/federal agent adventure. But while cliffhangers are supposed to entice readers to continue with a series, this one really annoyed me because I only finished the book for resolution and I really don’t care enough about any of the characters to read the next book.

I imagine that fans of the Kardashians, TOWIE and Made in Chelsea will enjoy this series, but I need more complex characters, believable conflict, and a touch of humour with my romance. This series just isn’t for me.

Kinsley Felton has been following her family's orders her whole life, and as long as she continues to do so she will eventually inherit her great grandfather's casino company. The only problem is Kinsley's not sure she wants to marry a man her family chooses for her.

I don't know about Maybe Yes, I have mixed feelings. On one hand, it kind of grew on me and I would be interested in reading book two; but on the other hand, as a female I kind of hated Kinsley, the main character. I just felt like smacking her in the face half the time. Where was her backbone? Why was she so whiny and indecisive? I get that she's been a pampered princess, but she can't even order her own adult beverage? Personally, I think Killian is what really made me want to finish this book. He came off as strong, confident, and sexy. I would've really liked to have gotten some chapters in his character's point of view, especially after that ending! All in all, not my favorite book, but I would be still be interested in checking out some of Ella Miles other books and seeing how the Maybe series ends.

Kinsley Felton is the princess of the family. Her dad pays for her luxury condo and the closets get stocked full from the modeling gigs she does while she's going to college. The plan has always been that her father and grandfather would prearrange a marriage so her husband would be capable to run the family-owned casinos. After getting a little taste of making her own decisions for one night, she wants more, but when tragedy strikes, her soon to be husband is picked earlier than expected. Will she be able to go through with it?

I wasn't a fan of this one. I've loved other series by Ms. Miles, but this one just didn't catch my attention like the others. Unfortunately, this one just wasn't for me.

I am having a very hard time reviewing this book. It totally left me with that WTH?! feeling. Obviously, the cliffhanger was meant to, but it wasn't just that.

I want to give this 2 stars, but I'm giving it 3 because I know the next book will be a bit more detailed. This book felt like it was a partial book. I'm not sure I agree with how it just cut off, but I guess that's how you get people to get another book.

This one is too vague for me to give a proper review. You get introduced to the characters, but aren't given enough detail to really get a true understanding of them.

I know there is more to it, but I'll HAVE to get the next book to know, which kinda irritates me. I'll save my full judgement until after I read Maybe Never. I'm sure it has the answers to why Kinsley is the way she is, etc.

I'm not sure I'd recommend this book without a warning that it requires the next books to understand anything. Overall, it is promising and has a good start.

Ella Miles writes sexy romance with strong females that could kick your butt if you piss them off, which they often do to the men that fall for them. She's currently living her own happily ever after near the Rocky Mountains with her high school sweetheart husband. Her heart is also taken by her goofy two year old black lab that is scared of everything, including her own shadow. Ella is the author of the Aligned and Maybe series. Get a free book by visiting her website.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Maybe Yes (Maybe #1) by Ella Miles to read and review.

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