Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Power of Love by Serena Akeroyd

When Luke Gray arrives home after a disastrous deployment, he's mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted. Severely injured, his recuperation should be at the forefront of his mind; however, he has to focus on the cover up that has left his illustrious career in tatters. Though his lovers' faith in him is unshakeable, the sights and sounds Luke saw in the sandbox have returned with him, and with Josh, Luke's husband, intent on uncovering the truth and saving Luke's reputation, the weight of the family's woes falls on Gia's shoulders.

Their lover of five years and mother of their daughter, Gia can do no less than support both of her partners as they forge a path of their own; paths that could annihilate the family. As the keystone, Gia has no choice but to keep them all together, but with the Armed Forces knocking at their door, Luke's PTSD rearing its ugly head, and a pregnancy test just waiting to be used, the throuple are at breaking point.

Only the Power of Love can keep them together, but is it powerful enough to overcome the hurdles life has thrown this family's way?

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

This is the second in the series, and you definitely need to read book one first as they run on directly from each other. I will assume that you read the previous book in my review.

I really enjoyed the dynamics in book one and what each member of the relationship provided to the trio. We left them with Luke about to go back on deployment and the measures that Gia and Josh took to ensure that he knew he was loved. After a quick reminder of that wonderful time, we are straight into a very difficult scenario, which it takes a long time to examine and work towards resolution. The trio are not in a good place, and Gia in particular is struggling to see how all the roles each person takes can sustain their relationship. Add in their young daughter and she is stretched to the limits. I really enjoyed seeing how she behaves and supports her men.

Generally this is quite a serious period in their lives and the book deals with many difficult issues, for Luke in particular. It, however, has some moments of lovely humour, and some times of healing and passion. The ending makes me just hope that Ms. Akeroyd is busy writing the final book, so that I can find out exactly what happens next...

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Serena Akeroyd is a romanceaholic. She won’t touch a book unless she knows there’s a happy ever after at the end of it. Pathetic as it may be, because of this addiction, Serena decided to craft her own tales, stories that suit her voracious need for sexy romance. After all, a love story ain’t a lurve story without a bit of naughty!

A citizen of the world, Serena is a nomad at heart, and her novels enable her to travel the globe and all behind her computer desk. Naturally, she’d prefer the option of a private jet, but still, if wishes were horses, eh?

Always feel free to connect with Serena, she’d love to chat with her readers, as well as fellow romance addicts!

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of The Power of Love (The Luck of Love #2) by Serena Akeroyd to read and review.

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